Forgotten Capital

The Forgotten Capital

Take a left where the path splits 3 ways. Continue along the pathway until you come across a group of houses. Inside the house are a Magic Source and a Save Point. Exit the house and continue down the path to the right. Inside this room you will find a set of stairs; head down it and find a chest to receive the Aurora Armlet. Go back up the path to where the path splits three ways.

This time, take the path going off to the right. At the first fork in the road go right, and enter the house at the end of the trail. Ascend the ladder at the top of the spiral to find a chest containing a Guard Source. Go back to the fork in the road and take the other path. The next house down the road has a chest with an Elixir in it and a place where you can rest up the stairs. Don’t rest quite yet; instead look behind the last bed for another Enemy Skill Materia. Reenter the house and choose to take a rest this time.

Go back to the entrance to the Forgotten Capital, to the split path point. This time go straight on ahead. Make your way around to the front of the cave/shell/house thing and enter in the front. Go straight to the top of the shell and grab the Comet Materia sitting there. After that, head to the blue walkway halfway up the house. Make your way down the stairs and you’ll arrive at the Forgotten City.

Save your game at the save point and then walk down the spiral staircase to the lower level. Jump your way over to where Aeris is kneeling for another cool video.

Cloud during Aeris' death scene
Aeris as shown during her death scene
Sephiroth as shown during Aeris' death scene

Jenova - Life
Jenova - Life battle after Aeris' Death

The primary attacks of this version of Jenova are water based, so make sure that before the battle you equip the Water Ring you picked up at the entrance to the Forgotten Capital. I suggest you put it on your healer and let the other team members’ attack away. Jenova might cast Reflect at any time, so attacks are preferred over magic.

HP: 10,000
Reward: Wizard Bracelet