Crystal World

Zidane will find himself in the expanses of space. When you are back in control of him, move forward until he reaches the end and a short cutscene involving more dialogue with Garland will continue.

Zidane walking through the expanses of space
Zidane at the entrance to the Crystal World

The creatures that you fight in this area look very similar to the bosses that you just fought, however they have less HP and are vulnerable to a number of additional status effects. Make sure to make use of Silence and stick to spells to attack a Behemoth if you run into one (or just use Zidane’s Flee command).

The Crystal World
Crystal World

Follow the pathway along until for a few screens until you reach another Save Point orb. Save your game, use a Tent and now you have the option of Teleporting back to earlier areas of Memoria (you cannot warp back though and will have to travel back on foot).

The last Save Point in the Crystal World
Approaching Trance Kuja

It’s time to prepare for one last boss fight. The boss uses some Wind-based elemental magic attacks so equip Ribbons to each of your characters if possible to absorb those attacks. Make sure to have Zidane in the party so that you can Steal every available item.

Final battle against Trance Kuja

Move forward into the next room when you are ready.

Boss Battle: Deathguise

Deathguise has some fairly standard attacks which include:
- “Spin” which causes physical damage to all party members
- “Demon’s Claw” which causes physical damage to one party member
- “Death” which will instantly KO a party member
- “Twister” which deals Wind-elemental magic damage to all party members
- “Meteor” which deals non-elemental magic damage to all party members
- LV5 Death which will instantly KO any party member whose level is a multiple of 5

Deathguise has two forms - open and closed. It will always start the battle by casting Meteor, but from there its attacks will change depending on whether it is open or closed. When its wings are open it will use its physical attacks. It will focus on magical attacks when its wings are closed. There isn’t much strategy to this fight - just keep your party member’s HP high in anticipation of Meteor casts which can do a ton of damage.

Boss battle against Deathguise

HP: 55,535
Elixir, Black Belt, Duel Claws

You have now reached the end of the game and are at the final battle stage. Do not approach Kuja just yet! Go back and save your game at the Save Point while you have an opportunity.

The last Save Point in the Crystal World
Approaching Trance Kuja

You can take this opportunity to go back and make any final preparations that you’d like and complete any of the side quests that you may have missed. Check out the Final Preparations page for more information on some of the side quests that you can complete.

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