Black Mage Village and Side Quests
Start of Disc 4

The Invincible returning to Gaia from Terra
All of the party standing on the bridge of The Invincible

The game continues with a few short cutscenes in Black Mage Village with Zidane and crew dropping off the Genomes to stay with the Black Mages. The team quickly leaves the area though in their new Airship, the Invincible. The first thing to notice is that the entire world is now covered in Mist again.

Zidane, Dagger and Steiner dropping off the Genomes in the Black Mage Village
The first time flying The Invincible

It’s time to complete a number of the side quests as this is essentially the end of the game. If you would prefer to go straight to the end game content though you can either navigate to the bottom of the page or click on this link to go to Memoria.

You may want to stop off back in the Black Mage Village though as the Weapons Shop, Item Shop and Synth Shop all have brand new items.

The Synthesis Shop in Black Mage Village (Grand Halm)

You can start off by taking this opportunity to do more frog catching for the Frog Catching side quest. You can also deliver your newest Kupo Nut to Moguta in Gizamaluke’s Grotto to obtain an Aloha T-Shirt.

Picking up the Aloha T-shirt from Moguta in Gizamaluke’s Grotto

There is one final Chocobo Dive Spot that can now be reached:

Board the Invincible (Airship) and press Triangle to go inside the cabin/bridge. There is a treasure chest at the back of the ship on the left side of the screen that contains Pisces, the final Stellazzio.

Obtaining the Pisces Stellazzio onboard the Invincible

Take the Stellazzio back to Treno and return to the Queen’s House to complete the Stellazzio side quest (or use the link below to help you find any that you have missed). There is also one final Stellazzio for you to obtain in order to complete the quest. Use the side quest link below for more information:

Return to Alexandria to find Stiltzkin back in the Steeple next to Kupo. Stiltzkin will sell you a Moonstone, Ruby and an Elixir for 5,555 Gil. Finally, speak to him one more time and if you purchased items from him at every opportunity (check out the Stiltzkin side quest page for more information) you will receive a Ribbon as a reward.

Speaking to Stiltzkin in the Steeple of Alexandria
Obtaining a Ribbon from Stiltzkin

You can also complete the Mognet Central side quest at this point in the game. A chain of events starts off when you speak to Kupo right beside Stiltzkin in the Steeple in Alexandria. Check out the Mognet Central side quest page below for more information:

You can also return to the Knight’s House in Treno to battle another monster:

Return to Chocobo’s Paradise (in the top left corner of the map) and talk to the Fat Chocobo to obtain the Fat Chocobo Card and to initiate the Chocobo Beach side quest. Details are included below:

There is a small side quest that can be completed to obtain Excalibur. It should be noted that this sword is not stronger than Ragnarok (which you should already have). Details are included on the side quest page below:

There is one more side quest that completed in tandem with the final dungeon (Memoria). The side quest involves a number of scenes that take place near the Tantalus hideout:

It’s now time to move on to Memoria, the final dungeon of the game.

Approaching Memoria in The Invincible