Walk to the back of the Airship to find Yuna and Kimahri staring out the window. Speak to Yuna to continue the story. Go back and speak to Cid and you will now be able to fly the Airship to any of the previous locations you had visited using the NavMap. Choose to travel to the Highbridge in Bevelle to speak with Maester Mika.

Upper deck of the Airship
NavMap selection screen on the Airship


Approach the guards to continue the story. Shelinda will interject to prevent any fighting. There are quite a few additional cutscenes that occur after this.

Speaking to Shelinda on the Highbridge
Tidus entering the bridge

Side Quests and Endgame

At this point you can choose to work your way to the end of the story or you can complete the endgame and side quests content. Some of things you can do now are included in the links on this page. You do not need to do any of the side quests or endgame content in order to beat the game. Skip ahead to the next section if you would like to complete the story section of Final Fantasy X.


So, you are ready for the last chapter of the game?

Your next few battles are against Sin. Sin has an very high amount of armor so you should make sure that Auron (or one of your other party members) has obtained the Armor Break ability. You can train and level up your party members by returning to the Zanarkand Ruins.

Start by selecting Sin on the NavMap and Cid will begin playing the Hymn of the Fayth. Travel back to the Cabin of the ship and ride the elevator up to get back on the exterior.

Note: The next two bosses (Left Fin and Right Fin of Sin) are nearly identical.

Boss Battle: Left Fin

This battle is very similar to the fight against Evrae on the exterior of the Airship. The Fin will attack less frequently if you use the Trigger Command to have Cid pull the Airship further away from Sin. The Airship starts far away from Sin so you will have to use the Move In command before you can initiate any attacks. Before you move the airship closer though you should use the time in between to charge up your characters using Tidus’ Cheer ability, Rikku’s Luck ability, etc.

Boss Battle against Sin’s Left Fin
Boss Battle against Sin’s Left Fin

Use Hastega on your party early on but be aware that the Sin can use a move called Negation which will remove any positive status effects from your party members. You will have to recast them afterwards. Sin has fairly strong armor so you may which to use Auron’s Armor Break ability to help speed things up but be aware that Negation will also remove the Armor Break negative status ailment on Sin.

If you see the message “Core gathers energy” immediately use the Trigger Command to pull the Airship away from Sin. Sin will be using Gravija shortly which will hit for approximately 3/4 of each character’s total HP.

Boss Battle: Right Fin

This fight has the exact same battle mechanics as the previous fight.

Boss Battle against Sin’s Right Fin
Up close battle against Sin’s Right Fin

Boss Battle: Sinspawn Genais

Start this fight off by destroying Sinspawn Genais which is the creature sitting in front of Sin’s core. Genais will absorb magic that you try to utilize directly against Sin. This Sinspawn starts outside of its shell, unlike Sinspawn Geneaux which you fought at Kilika temple.

Sinspawn Genais is weak to fire-based magic attacks. It will also retreat back into its shell once it goes below 50% of its HP and will begin casting Cura on itself. It does not have much HP though (20,000) so hammer away at it with regular attacks until you bring it down.

Boss Battle against Sinspawn Genais
Final boss battle against Sin


This fight is exactly the same as the Left Fin and Right Fin fights. The only difference is that you will no longer be able to dodge Gravija attacks by moving the ship around and it will counterattack your regular attacks with low-level magic spells.

Level up your characters through the Sphere Grid and grab any items that you may have run low on. In preparation for the next fight, equip each of your characters with any armor they have that contains the following abilities:

- “Stone Ward” or “Stoneproof”
- “Confuse Ward” or “Confuseproof”
- “Zombie Ward” or “Zombieproof”

Alternatively you can customize your equipment and add on the “Auto-Med” ability which will have your characters automatically use a Remedy if they are inflicted with a status ailment. You can use 20 Remedy to customize your equipment and add the “Auto-Med” ability and then of course you will want to keep a stock pile of Remedy on hand so that your characters can use them mid-battle.

Speaking with Rin on the Airship
Buying Remedy items from Rin on the Airship

Make your way back up to the elevator and outside the ship to speak to Yuna and then again to initiate the next boss battle.

Boss Battle: Overdrive Sin (the Head)

This is a timed battle. After approximately sixteen turns the fight will end as Sin will use its Overdrive ability, Giga-Graviton, which is an instant game over. The charging bar above its head is an indicator of how close it is to using its Overdrive. Summoning an Aeon will not prevent death, which means you have to do 140,000 worth of damage before then.

Final battle against Overdrive Sin (the Head)
Overdrive Sin getting closer to the ship

Sin will start off too far away for you to hit but will slowly move closer (to within melee range) as the battle progresses. Use the first few turns to enhance your characters using Cheer, Luck, etc. and have Tidus cast Hastega on the party. Use either Lulu or Wakka in your party to do some damage at a distance.

You should have Auron use Armor Break once Sin gets close enough. Alternatively you can have Rikku use her Mix ability and have her Mix two items (such as two Power Spheres or two Ability Spheres creating a Frag Grenade) which can cause the same Armor Break status ailment.

Sin will begin attacking your party once it gets close enough to the ship so be prepared to deal the the Petrify, Confuse and Zombie status effects as they come. Good luck!

Sin - Near Airship

The Airship will land and Tidus and company will move through the water towards Sin. Save your game at the Save Sphere and follow the rest of the team.

Cinematic after the battle against Sin
Exiting the Airship into the Sea of Sorrow

Note that at this point in the game you can still turn back around and look to complete some of the side quests rather than finishing the game. Going any further will head towards the finale of the game.

Sin - Sea of Sorrow

The mini-map for this area will contain some fog of war that makes it difficult to know which is the correct path. Use the grey looking water walkway to find your way through this location. Just follow the red arrow north as you work your way through the Sea.

Tidus entering the Sea of Sorrow
Tidus traveling through the Sea of Sorrow

There are treasure chests throughout the area which contain a Lv. 3 Key Sphere, Elixir, Special Sphere, Wizard Lance and Phantom Ring.

The Behemoth Kings in this area (shown in the screenshot below) can be particularly difficult. They will unleash a Meteor counterattack once you have exhausted their HP which can cause up to 7000+ damage. I highly recommend that you run away from them unless you have trained up using the side quests, obtained your Celestial Weapons, etc.

Monster battle against a Behemoth King
Behemoth King using Meteor as a counter attack

Save your game at the Save Sphere at the end of the Sea of Sorrows before you proceed on to the next area.

The upcoming boss fight against Seymour Omnis is an entirely magic-based fight. You should take some time to equip each of your characters with any armor that they have that protects against magic. This includes:

- Fire Ward, Lightning Ward, Water Ward, Ice Ward
- Fireproof, Lightningproof, Waterproof, Iceproof
- SOS NulBlaze, SOS NulShock, SOS NulTide, SOS NulFrost
- Magic Def +

Be advised that you may also want to remove any weapons that you might have equipped if they have the Firestrike, Lightningstrike, Waterstrike or Icestrike abilities. They could potentially heal Seymour.

Tidus using a Save Sphere just before the battle against Seymour Omnis
Tidus at the stairway leading inside Sin

Boss Battle: Seymour Omnis

There are four floating discs behind Seymour Omnis that are called Mortiphasms. The discs will rotate throughout the battle and the colors which are closest to Seymour will determine the strength and the element of the spells he will cast.

The discs have four colors: orange/red for fire, yellow/green for lightning, blue for water and purple for ice.

Seymour will cast four spells every turn. If all four discs have a matching color he will cast the strongest versions of the spells (Firaga, Thundaga, Waterga or Blizzaga) and he will also absorb that element if a spell of that type is cast on him. He will also be weak to the opposite element. If three discs match in color he will absorb that element as well, however he will no longer be weak to the opposite element. Two matching discs makes him immune to the element while a single disc will make him resistant to that element.

Seymour will begin glowing red after he has been attacked six times. He will begin casting Dispel at this stage of the game and will begin using Ultima against your party. He stops glowing red after he has cast Ultima. Seymour’s Ultima isn’t nearly as powerful as the one accessible in the Sphere Grid, but it can still do some significant damage (around 4,000 HP to each party member). Make sure you heal up before he casts it.

Boss battle against Seymour Omnis
Seymour Omnis glowing red

The is one of the few fights against Seymour where you can make use of your Aeons. He will not banish them if you utilize them during the fight. You can also use Yuna’s Nul spells to reduce the amount of damage done.

Use Hastega on your party early on and use Armor Break and Mental Break. Just be aware that you may have to recast some of these spells if Seymour uses Dispel. You can also attack the Mortiphasms to rotate them to reduce the likelihood of Seymour using his strongest attacks. The Mortiphasms are in the back row so you will have to use either Wakka or Lulu to hit them.

Go back to the Sea of Sorrow before you move forward and save your game at the Save Sphere for a free HP and MP refill.

Tidus Inside Sin
Tidus using the Save Sphere in the Sea of Sorrow

Inside Sin

Move forward down the pathway and you will encounter a glyph on the wall on the right side of the screen. Touch it and it will tell you that “Ten fiends still seek eternal repose”. You have to kill ten fiends in order to get through this doorway. Through that doorway will be another door asking you to kill ten more fiends and finally a third doorway asking you to kill 15 fiends. The reward for getting through all four doorways is a Lv. 4 Key Sphere which means that this task is a complete waste of time.

Door asking you to kill fiends
Attacking a monster Inside Sin

You should still use the Flee command to run away from any Behemoth Kings that you encounter as they are extremely difficult. Continue to run down the pathway until you reach a small bridge connecting two sides of the pathway. Stand on the glyph on the bridge and it will light up and carry you to the upper level. There is a treasure chest here that contains the Four-on-One weapon for Wakka.

Tidus standing on a platform
Obtaining a Four-on-One weapon from a treasure chest

Stand on the glyph in front of the large column-like structure to push it down. Walk along the pathway leading to a treasure chest which contains a Defending Bracer.

Inside Sin
A treasure chest Inside Sin

You will eventually reach a large open area with a large open pit in the middle. There is a ramp on the far side that you can use to climb down. There is a treasure chest that contains 20,000 Gil as well as a glyph that you can stand on that will turn into a large pillar.

Tidus Inside Sin
Standing on top of a pillar Inside Sin

Follow the walkway along to find one treasure chest that contains an HP Sphere and another treasure chest that contains a Defense Sphere. There is a glyph platform right beside this chest that you can use to return to the main level.

Obtaining an HP Sphere
Obtaining a Defense Sphere

Continue down the pathway following the red arrows on the mini-map. The next wide open area contains walls that will jump up through the floor to prevent you from moving through. Go to south section of this room and you will find a secret slide that leads to a passageway below the main level. The treasure chest on the left side of the room contains a Laevatein which is a staff for Yuna that contains the SOS Overdrive ability.

Tidus inside Sin
Tidus Inside Sin in the secret slide passageway

Move over to the right side of the room and press ‘X’ to begin climbing back up to the main level. Exit by heading north. There is a Save Sphere here where you can save your game. This is the last Save Sphere on the way to the final battles of Final Fantasy X. You can still choose to return to the Airship if you would like to.

Tidus still Inside Sin
Last Save Sphere in the game

A short cinematic will occur as you move forward into the next area. A large structure will drop out of the sky and land in front of your party. Move forwards towards the door and Tidus will look up and then go inside.

Pillar leading to the Sin Nucleus
Tidus entering the Nucleus

Sin - The Nucleus

You will be thrown into an arena-like area where icicles will pop up through the ground. If you are hit by one or if you run into one after it has popped up you will be thrust into battle against a powerful enemy. Wraiths in this area are even more powerful than the ones on the Inside of Sin as they can cast instant death rather than the one that requires a timer (Doom).

Inside the Nucleus
Wandering around inside the Nucleus of Sin

Stay close to the center of the room so that you can keep a wider angled view of the surroundings. This will make it easier to see and run towards the shining crystals when they appear. The ground will start to glow just before an icicle pops up so if you are fast you can avoid them altogether. Do not run around the room if you are having trouble locating one or more crystals. Stand in one place and let the camera rotation do the work for you while you dodge incoming icicles.

The goal is to touch each of the golden crystal shaped objects. Each time you grab one you will receive one of the following items: Prism Ball, Skill Sphere, Knight Lance, Infinity, Hrunting, Stillblade, Mage’s Staff, Attribute Sphere, White Magic Sphere and Wicked Cait Sith. Each of these items are particularly strong - double check and equip them if they are better than the weapons that your characters are currently using.

Obtaining a Mage’s Staff in the Nucleus
Battling against a monster in the Nucleus of Sin

You will be transported out of the area for the concluding battles once you have obtained all 10 of the items. Heal yourself up with potions and ethers if you need to in order to prepare and then move forward and speak to Jecht when you are ready. Equip any equipment that you have with the “Stone Ward” or “Stoneproof” abilities prior to the fight.

Tidus in the final area of the game
Tidus meeting up with Jecht at the end of the game

Boss Battle: Braska’s Final Aeon

The final fight is made up of two different battles against the first form and the second form. Braska’s Final Aeon will pull a sword out of its chest in its second form and grow wings.

There are two Yu Pagodas in this fight which sit on either side of Braska’s Final Aeon. They will use a move called Power Wave which will heal Braska’s Final Aeon and charge up its Overdrive gauge (the black bar near the boss that charges during the fight). You can attack them directly and destroy them. They will revive after a few turns though with more HP than they started with. They start off with 5,000 HP and will return with addition HP equal to the amount that you overkilled them by. For example, if you destroyed one of them with an attack that did 3,000 followed by another attack that did 3,000 it would return with 6,000 HP. This can be particularly problematic if you destroy the Yu Pagodas with very high damage attacks. Make sure that you destroy them at the same time though as killing one of them off will cause the other to use some particularly painful spells and I would not worry about killing them until phase 2 of the fight.

First battle against Braska’s Final Aeon
Talking to Braska’s Final Aeon to prevent his Overdrive from charging

Make sure you use the full assortment of beneficial status effects on your party. Hastega, Protect and Regen are all incredibly helpful. Also ensure that you immediately use a Soft or a Remedy on any party member that is petrified as Braska’s Final Aeon will use Shatter on that character which will permanently remove them from the battle. Good luck defeating the final boss with only two characters.

You can use Tidus’ Trigger Command to talk to Braska’s Final Aeon. Doing so will cause its overdrive meter but it is highly recommended that you save this for the bosses second form (when it pulls a sword out of its chest) as its Overdrives become much more powerful later on. You can use the Talk command to completely reduce the Overdrive gauge back down to zero. You can use it up to three times during the course of the battle.

Reducing Jecht’s Power
Lord Braska’s Final Aeon

Lord Braska’s Final Aeon is susceptible to Poison if you use Bio. You may have to use it several times in order for it to take. You will also want to use the different Break attacks (Armor, Power and Mental Break, or just Full Break) to help bring down its HP faster.

Good luck!

Final form of Lord Braska’s Final Aeon
Ultimate Jecht Shot

There will be one final fight against Yu Yevon that you cannot lose. If you’re having trouble defeating Yu Yevon just have Yuna cast reflect on it. Enjoy the final cinematic!

Final battle against Yu Yevon
Battle against Yu Yevon

Here are a few screenshots from the final cutscene:

Final Cinematic of the Airship and Sin
Yuna during the final cinematic
Tidus and Yuna during the final cinematic

Yuna speaking to the crowd during the final cinematic
Trees at the Moonflow during the final cinematic
Tidus jumping off the airship

Yuna at the very end of the game

Thank you for reading this strategy guide! Be sure to return to if you move on to any of the other Final Fantasy titles!

- The End