S.S. Liki

Get it? Liki… as in, leaky boat… anyways, the first scenes happen on the S.S. Liki on your way to Kilika. Talk to Wakka to get the story rolling again.

Traveling on the S.S. Liki
Tidus and Wakka on the S.S. Liki

Make your way to the bottom level of the boat after you have spoken with Wakka. Down here you will meet O’aka XXIII, merchant extraordinaire! O’aka is your traveling salesman throughout the game and you can utilize his services to purchase items as you need them (Potions, Tents, etc.).

Lulu, Wakka and Tidus on the S.S. Liki
First meeting with O’aka XXIII

O’aka will request a donation of gil from you. The amount of gil you donate (if you choose to donate any at all) will reduce the prices of his items later on in the game according to the following schedule:

- Donate 0 to 100 gil and the cost of items increases by 100.00%
- Donate 101 to 1000 gil and the cost of items increases by 50.00%
- Donate 1,001 to 10,000 gil and the cost of items increases by 20.00%
- Donate 10,001+ gil and the cost of items will be discounted by 30.00%

My recommendation would be to donate 1,001 gil to him as he does have items which you will want to purchase later on in the game. Aside from that, you don’t really need your gil at this point in the game anyway.

Enter the room across from O’aka XXIII to find a treasure chest containing a Remedy. Walk over to the suitcase lying on the ground and kick it twenty times to receive up to twenty Potions. Once you already have twenty Potions in your inventory you won’t receive anymore from kicking the suitcase.

Hidden Remedy item
Kicking the suitcases for free Potions

Enter the ‘Power Room’ right beside O’aka XXIII. You’ll find some Chocobos inside the room and the crew member inside will make fun of you for having never seen a Chocobo before. What’s more important though is that there is an Al Bhed Primer (volume III) in the bottom-right section of the screen.

Chocobos on the S.S. Liki
Al Bhed Primer Vol III

Go back up to the deck and wander over to Yuna to overhear the crowd talking about Lord Braska. Speak to Wakka after that which will cause the crowd around Yuna to disperse. Now go over and talk to Yuna. Enjoy a few more cutscenes.

Yuna with a crowd around her
Yuna and Tidus on the S.S. Liki

At the conclusion of the cutscenes you will be thrown into battle against more Sinscales. The Sinscales are fairly easy to defeat. You can also change your party members if you would like to at any time by pressing L1.

You will be given the option to begin attacking the Sin’s fin directly after you have defeated a few Sinscales. Because of the distance factor only Lulu, Wakka and Kimahri (using Lancet) are capable of hitting it, which means it would be a good idea to have both of them in your party.

Tidus and Yuna battling against Sinscales
Boss Battle against Sin

Sin’s movement from side to side has no impact on the battle which will end after you deal 2,000 damage to the fin directly.

Wakka will jump into the water to save Tidus - the two will then be ambushed by Sinspawn Echuilles while underwater.

Boss Battle: Sinspawn Echuilles

HP: 2,000

Defeating any of the Sinscales will just cause new ones to spawn in their place. Focus all of your attacks directly on Sinspawn Echuilles.

Tidus and Wakka battling against Echuilles
Boss battle against Sinspawn Echuilles

Start off by using Tidus’ Cheer ability to raise your attack power and defensive power which will reduce the amount of time you will have to spend healing yourself. You can also use Wakka’s Dark Attack skill to blind Sinspawn.

Another cutscene to watch after the conclusion of the battle.

Cutscene of Kilika being destroyed
Sinspawn destroying Kilika


The first thing you should do when you arrive in Kilika? Save your game of course. Take a left at the fork in the road and continue on down the docks until you find the crowd of people. You now get to witness Yuna performing the sending.

Docks of Kilika
Yuna performing the sending in Kilika

The game continues with Tidus waking up in the Kilika Inn. Use the Save Sphere and then exit the Inn. Datto will tell you where to go (off to the right), but before you do, go into the hut at the top let of the screen to find a treasure chest containing three Potions. There is also a small child sitting in a hut on the left side of the screen. Go near her to initiate a scene wherein the hut will collapse and Tidus will save her.

Tidus and Wakka in the ruins
Tidus saving the small child

Now follow Datto in the direction that he ran and enter the hut at the top of the screen. There is a treasure chest in this hut (now that you saved the small child) that contains an Ether. There is also an Al Bhed Primer (volume IV) sitting on the desk. Wakka can be found to the right of this hut (by taking a right at the fork in the road).

The docks of Kilika
Al Bhed Primer Vol IV

Head back west through the town of Kilika after you have spoken with Wakka until you reach Kilika Woods. Save at the Save Sphere and then go talk to your party. Yuna will ask Tidus to become one of her guardians and to accompany her on their journey.

The group in Kilika Woods
Kimahri in Kilika Woods

The first thing you will notice is a huge fiend in the middle of the pathway up ahead. This fiend is called Lord Ochu - an optional boss that you can choose to fight. I will provide the strategy for defeating Lord Ochu below, but for now there are several items in Kilika Woods which you should obtain, and Kilika Woods offers you an opportunity to level up your characters (using the Sphere Grid).

Start by heading towards the east side of the woods (taking a right at the crossroads). Your first battle within Kilika Woods will provide you with a quick tutorial on how to use Kimahri’s Lancet ability. At the end of the pathway is a treasure chest that contains two Mana Spheres.

Battle against monsters in Kilika Woods
Opening the Mana Sphere treasure chest

Now backtrack to the entrance and use the Save Sphere if you need to replenish your HP or MP as you walk by. Make your way down the west path and stop once you reach the fork (shown in the screenshot below). There is a hidden pathway which leads to a treasure chest that contains ‘Scout’, a new weapon for Wakka.

Secret pathway in Kilika Woods
Opening the treasure chest containing Scout

Continue north along the rest of the pathway and then continue north once you reach the other path. The path will curve to the right and you will run into a group of guards. Speak to the leader after the other two guards have left and you will receive a Hi-Potion.

Tidus in the Kilika Woods
Picking up a Hi-Potion in Kilika Woods

Continue north and take the path off to the left once you come across it to find a treasure chest that contains a Luck Sphere. You can use the Luck Sphere to add a Luck +4 node to an empty path somewhere in a character’s Sphere Grid. Add it to a character that you are planning to use for the remainder of the game. If you are looking for advice on which party members are the best to choose just check out the Characters Section.

Treasure chest containing a Luck Sphere
Using a Luck Sphere

It’s time to fight Lord Ochu before moving on to the next area. There are some steps that you can take to prepare for the fight though. Strategically speaking, the best party to have for this optional boss fight is Tidus, Wakka and Lulu. Following that, make sure each of your characters is fully healed before initiating the fight. You can use Yuna’s Cure spell outside of battle by clicking on the “Abilities” tab in the menu.

Approaching Lord Ochu in the Kilika Woods
Initiating the battle against Lord Ochu

Boss Battle: Lord Ochu

HP: 4,649

Make sure to keep on top of healing either through Potions and Antidotes or by switching out one of your party members for Yuna. Lulu should use Fire magic as often as she can as Lord Ochu is weak to fire based attacks.

Boss battle against Lord Ochu
Lord Ochu falling asleep

If you find yourself having trouble defeating Lord Ochu you can utilize either of the two strategies:
- Wander around fighting enemies within Kilika Woods until you build up Overdrives for each of your party members
- Switch one of your party members out for Yuna and have her summon Valefor

Lord Ochu will regain HP when it uses Sleep. Bombard it with attacks rather than focusing on any healing in order to stop it from regaining health.

Head south and speak to the Crusader (Luzzu) to receive a free Elixir. Follow the pathway leading east and then follow it as it curves north until you reach a bridge. You get a few more cutscenes to watch as you ascend the stone steps followed by a boss battle.

Speak to Luzzu for a free Elixir
Tidus crossing a bridge on the way to the Kilika Cloister of Trials

Boss Battle: Sinspawn Geneaux

HP: 3,000

The battle starts off with Sinspawn Geneaux encased in a shell-like structure. It is immune to attacks in this form and, while it may be vulnerable to magic attacks, these attacks will be absorbed by the Geneaux’s Tentacles (which currently surround the party).

Initiating the battle against Sinspawn Geneaux
Boss battle against Sinspawn Geneaux

Start off by attacking the Tentacles at the back. Focus all of your attacks on one single Tentacle until both of them have been defeated. Be careful using Water magic on the Tentacles as they will absorb this type of damage and will heal themselves. The only magic you will want to use (if you have Lulu in your party at all) is Fire magic.

Battle against a closed Sinspawn Geneaux
Lulu using Focus during the battle against Sinspawn Geneaux

Start off by attacking the Tentacles at the back. Focus all of your attacks on one single Tentacle until both of them have been defeated. Be careful using Water magic on the Tentacles as they will absorb this type of damage and will heal themselves. The only magic you will want to use (if you have Lulu in your party at all) is Fire magic.

Sinspawn Geneaux

Continue your way up the staircase after you’ve defeated Sinspawn Geneaux. A couple more cutscenes will follow.

Kilika Temple
The Luca Goers at the Kilika Temple

The party will run into the Luca Goers exiting the Kilika Temple as you make your way closer. Continue north and into the temple. Don’t forget to save your game!

Lady Dona at the Kilika Temple
Tidus in the Kilika Temple

Sit down and pray with Wakka (or stand and watch him) to get the game moving again. Lady Dona will exit the temple only to make fun of you on your way out. The rest of the team will descend in the the Cloister but will ask you to remain outside; just wait until the elevator pops back up and then try to take it down (only to have Dona and Barthello force you to take it down).

Tidus again

Click on the link below for information on how to complete the trials:

Kilika Cloister of Trials Walkthrough

The rest of the party will not be happy to see Tidus in the antechamber of the temple. You will have to continue talking to both Wakka and Lulu to keep the story moving. Try to leave the Antechamber after you have spoken to both of them. The story will continue and you will now have the Aeon, Ifrit.

More conversations and flashbacks will transpire as the group attempts to leave the temple. Work your way back through Kilika Woods and then back through Kilika until you reach the docks. There is a shop just off to the side of the docks where you can purchase any pieces of equipment that your team might be missing.

Crowd congratulating Yuna
Disembarking from Kilika on the S.S. Winnow

Head over to the S.S. Winno once you are ready and choose to disembark.

S.S. Winnow

Grab the treasure chest at the back of the room for a free Hi-Potion and then leave the room that Tidus starts off in and make sure to save your game at the Save Sphere (very important this time around). Take the stairs up to the deck and go through the door into the Bridge to find an Al Bhed Primer (volume V) on the ground.

Hi-Potion Treasure Chest
Al Bhed Primer Vol. V

Head to the back of the boat for a cutscene involving the Luca Goers and Yuna. Talk to Yuna after they leave to have them continue their conversation. Go up the stairs afterwards and eavesdrop on the conversation between Lulu and Wakka and then wander over to the front of the ship. Go near the Blitzball to initiate a mini-game.

Confrontation with the Luca Goers
Tidus with the Blitzball just prior to the Jecht Shot

This small mini-game provides you with an opportunity to teach Tidus the Jecht Shot which is an awesome move to learn for later on during Blitzball games and tournaments.

The Jecht Shot Challenge will begin after a short cutscene involving Tidus and Jecht in the past. The practice mode will teach you how to complete the mini-game. You have to press the directional pad buttons as well as X depending on where the prompt appears on the screen.

Jecht Shot Challenge instructions
More instructions for the Jecht Shot

It will be little boxes showing you what to press in the practice round (as shown above), but in the actual mini-game, the buttons to press will correspond to where the text appears (what the game refers to as a ‘memory’). It looks like the screenshots below:

Playing the Jecht Shot Challenge screenshot
Jecht Shot Challenge

Be prepared so that it doesn’t catch you off guard. This is a mini-game which you may want to attempt multiple times if you fail it to ensure that you get the Jecht Shot. Especially if you plan on investing some time into Blitzball.

Talk to Yuna for another quick cutscene to get the game rolling again.

Tidus speaking with Yuna
Tidus and Wakka on the S.S. Winnow