Welcome to the walkthrough of Final Fantasy X!

You start the game in the city of Zanarkand. Walk towards the group of kids and you will be provided with the option to choose a name for the main character. The main character’s default name is Tidus and this guide will refer to him as Tidus throughout.

Tidus in Zanarkand signing a Blitzball
The naming screen for Tidus

You can now talk to all of the other people standing around. Talk to the two girls on the right side of the screen to get the story rolling again. The two will ask for Tidus’ signature while he schmoozes them up. The story will kick up again after you wander through the crowd of people again.

Tidus talking to the crowd in Zanarkand
Tidus signing a Blitzball

Take Tidus and walk down the long roadway while you listen to the announcers reminisce about Jecht and talk about the upcoming Blitzball game. Continue into the building once you get to the end of the road.

Tidus in Zanarkand looking at a picture of Jecht
Walking along the pathway in Zanarkand

Time for some more cutscenes.

Auron in Zanarkand
Auron handing Tidus his sword

Take Tidus and head south at the conclusion of the cutscenes (refer to your mini-map if you have questions about which direction ‘south’ is). Follow Auron down the roadway.

Tidus in the first battle of the game
Auron attacking the Sinscales

The battles against the Sinscales are easy enough. Just use the attack command to break your way through. Don’t waste your time using Auron’s Skill command or his Power Break ability. The Sinscales are far too weak for that move to be useful. Also make sure that you are only attacking the Sinscales in front of Tidus and Auron while ignoring the ones behind them.

Boss Battle: Sinspawn Ammes

HP: 2,400

Auron starts this battle off with a fully charged Overdrive meter. Click on the Overdrives link for more information on Overdrives and the Overdrive meter. Essentially though Overdrives replace the Limit Breaks seen in previous games in the Final Fantasy series. All you have to do is press ‘Left’ on the control pad to view Auron’s Overdrive category, which is called Bushido. Dragon Fang is the only Overdrive Auron will have available. Select it and the move will automatically target all enemies.

Auron using Dragon Fang during the battle against Sinspawn Ammes
Auron using Dragon Fang

A window will pop up as soon as you use Dragon Fang indicating the button combination that you must press. All of the enemies will still take damage even if you mess up the combination, and even an unsuccessful Dragon Fang attempt will cause enough damage to kill all of the Sinscales. This will leave only the Sinspawn Ammes left to fight.

The only move that Sinspawn Ammes can use is Gravity, which deals an amount of damage based on a percentage of each character’s health. It will reduce both Auron and Tidus’ health by approximately 25% which means that it can never actually kill either player.

You will also get to use Tidus’ Overdrive ability, Swordplay, after Sinspawn attacks you a second time with Demi. Tidus’ Overdrive differs from Auron’s - all you have to do is hit X as the marker moves over the highlighted area of the bar shown below. You have multiple tries at this, so don’t fret.

Tidus using Spiral Cut
Tidus using Spiral Cut against Sinspawn Ammes

Continue attacking Sinspawn Ammes until you defeat it and don’t worry about wasting any potions to refill your health since it can’t kill you.

Follow Auron down the road and save at the Save Sphere at the bottom of the screen. It may be a little bit early to save your progress, but if nothing else, the Save Sphere will refill your HP and MP. Get in the habit of touching them whenever you have an opportunity.

Tidus in Zanarkand
Tidus at the first Save Sphere

In the next battle Tidus and Auron will find themselves surrounded by Sinscales. Each time you defeat one another will take its place. The best strategy for this fight is to focus in on any of the Sinscales if their wings begin to flicker (which means that they are charging to use a more powerful attack). A cutscene will trigger once you have killed enough of them.

Tidus and Auron fighting the Sinspawn
Auron directing Tidus to attack the tanker

Auron will direct Tidus to attack the ‘Tanker’ off to the right side of the screen. As soon as he does, both Tidus and Auron’s attacks should be focused on the Tanker only. Five hits to the Tanker will end the fight.

Tidus attacking the tanker
Tidus and Auron after the tanker falls

Once the cutscene has ended, press Circle to descend as indicated on the screen, and then swim over to Jecht (standing on the platform in front of Tidus).

Sin swallowing Zanarkand
Tidus swimming down to meet Jecht


A few more cutscene and Tidus will find himself in the Zanarkand Submerged Ruins. Use the mini-map in the top-left corner of the screen to assist you with navigating around the area. The red arrow indicates where you have to go.

Tidus in Baaj Temple
Tidus swimming through the ruins

Swim north-west until you find a flight of stairs sticking up out of the water. Climb them to find an Al Bhed Compilation Sphere laying on the ground. Al Bhed Primers assist you with deciphering the language of the Al Bhed people whom you will meet later on in the game. If you have ever played through Final Fantasy X previously you can use your old save data to automatically load in Al Bhed Primer data from your previous game. This will allow you to already be able to decipher most of the Al Bhed language.

Tidus swimming in the ruins
Tidus near the Al Bhed Compilation Sphere

There is also a treasure chest to the south of the Al Bhed Primer that contains two Potions. Jump back into the water after you have collected them and follow the red arrow on your screen to the north.

Tidus picking up two potions
Tidus at the entrance to the ruins

Use the Save Sphere to your left and, as one more quick reminder, get into the habit of always saving! You will save yourself a lot of potential grief later on down the line.

Take the path that goes out and off to the left to find a treasure chest containing a Hi-Potion. Then head to the north and continue along the pathway and Tidus will be thrown into the water. Swim north towards the Save Sphere to initiate the next boss battle.

Tidus swimming in the water in the temple

Boss Battle: Geosgaeno

HP: 32,767

This battle starts off as a battle against three Sahagin (fish like creatures). Two quick attacks from Tidus will make easy work of two of them. The third will be killed by the actual boss.

The first battle against Sahagin
The battle against Geosgaeno

This is another boss battle where you cannot be killed. Geosgaeno’s attacks will always hit you for 50% of your HP. The battle will end prematurely though after a few attacks so don’t waste any of your potions trying to keep yourself alive.

After a few more cutscenes, Tidus will find himself inside the actual Zanarkand Ruins. Head north through the corridor and into the next room.

Geosgaeno chasing Tidus
Tidus climbing the stairs in the Zanarkand Ruins

There is a Save Sphere in the south-west corner of the room - indicated on the mini-map by a white square. Go through the doorway beside the Save Sphere and into the next room. Examine the box on the ground to obtain Flint.

Tidus at the Save Sphere in the Ruins
Picking up the Flint in the Ruins

Go back to the main room that Tidus started off in and head east. To the right of the large locked door is a chest containing an X-Potion. Now go north through the doorway. There is a treasure chest right at the entrance that contains an Ether.

Tidus picking up an X-Potion
Tidus picking up an Ether

Follow the stairs upwards and grab the ‘Withered Bouquet’ at the top of the staircase. Continue following the hallway along back into the second floor of the main room to find a treasure chest containing a Hi-Potion.

Examining the wall to find the Withered Bouquet
The treasure chest containing a Hi-Potion

Go back to the center of the main room and examine the fire pit to light the fire. A few cutscenes later and it’s time for another boss battle.

Tidus in the center of the ruins
Tidus near the fire

Boss Battle: Klikk

HP: 1,500

This is another fairly standard boss fight. The only difference is that this time you should be prepared to use a few potions in order to stay alive. Klikk is actually capable of inflicting some damage.

Tidus fighting Klikk
Tidus and Rikku fighting Klikk

You will be interrupted part way through this fight by some Al Bhed characters. One of them will join the battle and assist Tidus. You’ll get a quick overview of how Grenades work. Follow the instructions and use a Grenade on Klikk and continue to attack with Tidus until the battle is over.

Before you do anything, speak to the girl in the red outfit to get a quick overview of the Sphere Grid system. This is the leveling up system used in Final Fantasy X and it is used to teach characters new abilities and improve their stats. Click on the Sphere Grid link for more information on this system.

The Al Bhed ship
Tidus and Rikku on the Al Bhed ship

Go in and use the Sphere Grid after you’ve gone through the tutorial. Use it to move Tidus one space and then use an Ability Sphere to activate the Cheer ability. This is all that you can do in the Sphere Grid for now.

Talk to the Al Bhed on the left to receive three Potions. Al Bhed Primer Volume I is on the ground at the back of the ship. Make sure to grab it and then make sure to save your game.

The Al Bhed Ship
Tidus picking up the first Al Bhed Primer Volume I

Speak to the girl in red one more time to get an overview of your next mission.

Follow the chain downward in the direction of the red arrow. Use the Circle button to dive downward. You and the girl in red are now headed down to salvage some wreckage. This is the first time in the game where you will be thrown into random enemy encounters as you are exploring, so don’t waste too much time getting to each destination. Thankfully the enemies are fairly easy to destroy.

Rikku in her Al Bhed Armor
Rikku and Tidus entering the ruins

Examine the control grid to watch Tidus start hammering away on it. The girl in the red will now lead you in the proper direction. Follow her into the next room and then press X near her to get the generator started. As the two of you exit, you will be thrown into the next boss battle.

Tidus and Rikku fighting the fish
Tidus at the control panel

Boss Battle: Tros

HP: 2,200

Have Tidus use the Attack for each of his turns and have the girl in red (indicated as ???? in the battle screen) use Grenades for each of her turns. You can steal more Grenades from Tros using her Steal command if you run out.

Tros will go out of range from time to time. The game will provide you with a brief overview of Trigger Commands once it does. Press ‘Left’ on the control pad to view Trigger commands the exact same way you did to use an Overdrive attack. You now have the option to use the ‘Stand By’ command. ‘Stand By’ will have the character hold off from attacking and will also cause the character to gain some HP. And because you cannot hit Tros while it’s on the opposite side of the room, this is a perfect time to use the ‘Stand By’ command with both characters.

The boss battle against Tros
The Trigger Commands during the battle against Tros

The second time the boss goes to the opposite side of the screen you will be presented with the Trigger Command ‘Pincer Attack’. Choose this option to have Tidus and the girl in red (????) attack Tros from both sides. The boss will no longer be able to escape to the other side of the screen. A few more hits should take it down.

Boss battle against Tros attacking from both sides

Swim over to the girl in red (????) indicated by a red arrow on the mini-map to initiate another cutscene. Follow the girl in red (????) after the cutscene finishes. A few more cutscenes later and you will end up in the next chapter of the game - Besaid Island.

Exiting the ruins
Tidus speaking to Rikku on the Al Bhed Ship