Esthar: Fixed Encounters against Elnoyle
Side Quests

You can use this trick to battle as many Elnoyles as you would like in order to obtain Energy Crystals. Energy Crystals are used to refine Ultima magic, to create the most powerful ammo for Irvine (Pulse Ammo) and to create some of the most powerful weapons in the game, including:

Lionheart (Squall)
Shooting Star (Rinoa)
Save the Queen (Quistis)

Landing Ragnarok at the Esthar Airstation landing pad

Make sure you save before you begin any encounters against an Elnoyle as they are quite powerful adversaries even at these late stages of the game.

Land the Ragnarok at the Esthar Airstation as shown in the screenshot to the right. Make your way to area 14 of Esthar as shown on the map below. You can do this by heading right from the Airstation, north to area 2, north again to area 1 and then south into area 14. Click here to pull up the full map of Esthar for better directions.

Tip: Remove the Mug ability, as this will prevent Elnoyle from dropping and Energy Crystals at the end of the battle.

Speak to the black character on the bottom bridge to find out that it is actually an Elnoyle in disguise and this will immediately throw you into battle.

Initiating a battle by speaking to the man in black
Battling an Elnoyle in the streets of Esthar

After you have defeated the Elnoyle you can leave this screen and come back to reset the encounter.