Abolishing the Random Rule in Dollet
Side Quests

One of the most frustrating rules to deal with throughout your travels is the Random rule. The Random rule eliminates your ability to choose which cards you want to play with in any given match – instead, the game selects randomly for you. Terrible.

Make sure the Queen of Cards is in Dollet. If she is not, use the Queen of Cards side quest to effectively move her to Dollet. Now head over to Timber and pick up the Galbadia rules for Triple Triad. You can do this by challenging the guard to a game of cards, but make sure that every time he asks you if you would like to mix the rules that you decline until he finally plays with just the Galbadia rules.

Rules which are unfamiliar to the region

Start off by going to the Dollet Hotel, which can be found in the Town Square with the fountain. You now need to complete a hard reset. This implies shutting your console down completely or hitting the X Button on the PS3 controller and selecting “Quit Game”. Please note that this is not the same thing as a soft reset which is where you press start and hold L1+L2+R1+R2. Start up the game again and load up your save file.

This step will reset the random number generator within the game towards a setup that is more favorable for abolishing rules. The following steps need to be carried exactly as listed.

Walk outside of the hotel and then walk right back in. Challenge the girl in the green outfit to a game of cards twice and decline to play both times. Challenge her a third time and accept the challenge and then quit the game once you get into the Triple Triad screen.

The guard at the entrance to Timber

The first time you attempt this process you will spread Open to the region, if it had not been spread already. Repeat the entire process once more (starting with going to Timber and picking up the Galbadia rules save and hard reset) in order to abolish Random.

A screenshot of the Random rule being abolished from Dollet