Secret / Optional Characters

The are two optional characters that you can obtain during your playthrough of Final Fantasy VII: Yuffie and Vincent. Information for obtaining each is included below.

Yuffie Kisaragi

At any time on the world map as you are passing through forests you have a chance of running into Yuffie. The earliest point in the game that you can obtain Yuffie is after you have exited the Mythril Mine and are on your way to Junon (marked as the “Junon Area” on the menu screen). Yuffie will engage you in combat. Defeating Yuffie is not too hard. It is a standard battle with no strategy required, but the steps required afterwards in order to convince her to join your team can be painful.

Battle against Yuffie
After the battle against Yuffie

For starters, do not try to use the Save Point! Yuffie will steal gil from you and flee the area. Talk to her and answer her questions as follows:

Yuffie: “You spikey-headed jerk! One more time, let’s go one more time!”

Not interested

You spikey-headed jerk! One more time, let’s go one more time!

Yuffie: “You’re pretty scared of me, huh?”


You’re pretty scared of me, huh!?

Yuffie: “I’m really gonna leave! Really!”

Wait a second!

I’m really gonna leave! REALLY!

Yuffie: “You want me to go with you?”

......That’s right.

You want me to go with you?

Yuffie: “All right! I’ll go with you!”

......Let’s hurry on.

All right! I’ll go with you!

Yuffie has high Dexterity and high Luck, but very low Spirit, which means she’s not strong with magic, but she can be fairly effective when it comes to stealing and mugging enemies using Command Materia Steal Materia, and she has the advantage of a long-ranged weapon. You can place her in the back row and she will take less damage while her damage output will be unaffected. Check out the Tips and Tricks section for more information about front and back row mechanics.

Side Quest: Gold Saucer Date

This information is for the Gold Saucer date side quest (click here for more information).

You can fail this as many times as you like, and you’ll still get the points every time you meet Yuffie until you get her in your party. The points will continue to increase until they reach 30 or more, at which point any further increases will be ignored.

“All right”
“Not Interested”
- No Change
(+2 Yuffie)

“Wait a second!”
- No change
(+2 Yuffie)

“Go ahead”
“Wait a second!”
- No change
(+2 Yuffie)

“That’s right”
“You kiddin’?”
(+2 Yuffie)
- No change

“What’s your name?”
“Let’s hurry”
- No change
(+2 Yuffie)

Vincent Valentine

Vincent is a secret character that you can obtain from a small side quest in the Shinra Mansion. The quest involves discovering the combination to the vault on the second floor and it can be done the first time you reach Nibelheim (but not during the flashback scene with Sephiroth).

Note: You do not need to solve the riddle or find each piece of the combination to the vault. The combination to the vault is always the same and is included below for reference. The details regarding how the combination can be discovered are included for informational purposes only. Proceed directly to unlocking the vault using the combination below to save yourself some time.

To the left of the entrance is a note that stands apart from the background. The note details research that was being performed on a scientifically altered subject. At the end of the letter is an option to continue reading the attached note which includes the following instructions:

- The combination must be entered in 20 seconds or less
- You cannot go past the number before selecting it

Selecting each of the dials will provide a clue for each. They are:

- Dial (1): The lid of the box with the most oxygen.
- Dial (2): Behind the Ivory’s short of tea and ray.
- Dial (3): The creek in the floor near the chair on the second floor… then to the left five steps, up nine steps, left two steps and up six steps.

The fourth dial is hidden but still accessible from the menu:

- Dial (4): The fourth row has been written in invisible ink… Dial (4) is (Right 97)

Reading the note in the Shinra Mansion
The fourth code to the safe combination

Now to find each of the individual clues:

The lid of the box with the most oxygen
This clue can be found by examining the empty treasure chest on the second floor that contained the Enemy Launcher weapon for Barret.

The first number in the combination

Behind the Ivory’s short of tea and ray.
This clue refers to the ivory keys of the piano which can be found in the room through the doorway to the left of the staircase (on the main floor). Just short of tea and ray refers to it being close to the tea room and close to the sun rays coming through the stained class.

The second number in the combination

The creek in the floor near the chair…
This clue is located in the hallway of the second floor in the rooms to the right (use the screenshot to guide you).

The third number in the combination

The Combination for the safe is:

Right 36 – Left 10 – Right 59 – Right 97

Make sure that you save your game before you attempt to open the safe if you are attempting this on your first pass through Nibelheim. You can come back to Nibelheim later on in the game which will make the boss fight much easier. This boss fight will be one of the most difficult you have faced so far. I would also recommend building up your Limit Breaks prior to the fight.

Cloud opening the safe in the Shinra Mansion to battle Lost Number
Boss Battle: Lost Number

Lost Number starts the battle off in a split form - half of it is orange and half of it is purple. Once you reduce its HP below 50% it will transform fully into either the purple version or the orange version depending on what attack you used to take it below 50%. If you use a magic spell it will transform into its full magic-based orange form which will only be resistant to magic and only cast magic spells. If you use a physical attack it will transform into its full physical-based purple form which will be resistant to physical attacks and will only use physical attacks.

Lost Number boss battle at the beginning
Lost Number boss battle with transformation into magical form

The purple physical form is much more difficult to deal with. In its purple form, Lost Number can use a move called Lost Blow which can deal upwards of 2500 damage to a single character. For this reason it is highly recommended that you focus on magical attacks to transform Lost Number into its orange form which will only cast magic spells and will allow you to kill it using physical attacks.

Lost Number is susceptible to Magic Materia Poison so cast Bio on it very early on in the fight. You should also make use of the Big Guard skill through your Command Materia Enemy Skill Materia. If you do not have the Big Guard enemy skill check out the Gongaga page in the walkthrough section for more information.

A video of the battle below for informational purposes which could potentially help if you are stuck:

HP: -
Reward: Cosmo Memory

Lost Number will drop Cosmo Memory, which is Red XIII’s most powerful Limit Break (and cannot be learned until all other Limit Breaks have been learned), and Summon Materia Odin Materia will pop out of the safe landing beside Cloud. Pick up the “Key to the Basement” out of the safe and travel back down to the library where Cloud met up with Sephiroth.

Cloud picking up the Key to the Basement
Cloud picking up the Odin Materia

Part way along the pathway to the library is a wooden doorway at the top of the screen (shown in the screenshot below). Proceed through the doorway which is now automatically open and examine the coffin at the back of the room.

The door leading to Vincent’s room in the Shinra Mansion
The coffin containing Vincent

Choose to “talk about Sephiroth” when presented with the option. Open the coffin again after Vincent shuts it and choose “Who are you?” from the options presented and you will get to name Vincent. As you attempt to leave the area Vincent will offer to join your party.

Vincent speaking to the team
The naming screen for Vincent

Vincent is one of the strongest magic users in the game with very high Magic and MP stats. He is fairly average when it comes to most other stats though, including Strength, Vitality and Dexterity. Vincent’s biggest downfall however is his Limit Break abilities. His Limit Breaks transform him into another character and, while that character is sometimes quite strong, you fully lose control of his actions in battle. He will continue to use the attacks in his arsenal until the battle is over. This can be problematic if:

1) Vincent is acting as your primary healer
2) If the creature that Vincent transforms into uses elemental attacks as these may inadvertently heal the enemy and there is nothing that you can do to stop him from using that move

Yuffie and Vincent are the only two secret optional characters available in the game.