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FFX Walkthrough

Thunder Plains

As soon as you enter the Thunder Plains you'll receive a breif explanation on how the lightning in the Thunder Plains work, but if you missed it or didn't understand it here it is again in a nutshell:


Press X when the screen flashes to jump out of the way of lightning (if only you could jump out of the way of lightning in real life).


Stay near the huge conducting rods to avoid being hit (the screen won't flash when you're near them).

Other than that you must slowly make your way across the plains. There’s a chest just off to the left when you get started with two Phoenix Downs in it and halfway across the Thunder Plains you can have a chat with Shelinda. There are also many other chests off to the sides of the Thunder Plains you can get if you want to spend a lot of time here, but since this place is a major pain in the ass I can't imagine you want to spend a lot of time here. About halfway across the Thunder Plains Rikku will make the team stop at the Inn because of her lightning phobia. Inside the Inn Yuna will take a room to herself. Go and eavesdrop on her. After doing this  you can continue along your journey. Talk to Yuna and then talk to Rikku and you can leave the Inn.

Continue going north until you make it to the next pit stop where Yuna will tell you the decision she’s made. She’s has decided to marry Seymour. She will continue the pilgrimage as planned though so this will have little effect on their mission.

Once again, continue northward. You’ll finally reach the end of the Thunder Plains not too far down the road.

Macalania Woods

Macalania Woods, don't get lostWalk up and talk to Auron as soon as you enter the forest. He will be standing there waiting for you. He will confront you about your feelings towards Yuna and once he’s done yapping you can continue up the pathway to meet the rest of the party. Once there you and your team will continue through the woods.

Rikku will point out the direction to go in the short little cut-scene. First of all start by going straight north along the twisty path through the trees. Watch out though as the elemental enemies in Macalania Woods are water type, not thunder as they appear, so use thunder type moves and magic against them instead of water or else you’ll only succeed in healing the enemy. Be sure to grab the chest at the end of this first path for 2000 Gil.

Useless time wasting side questsContinue moving north and then south along the path until you come across Barthello. He will come running and will tell you that he lost Dona. Auron will calm Barthello down and offer to help search, but Barthello will deny his offer. Afterwards continue heading north. Next you will come across a harp playing bird who will tell you about the Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunt side-quest.

You can try to complete this quest, but at this point in the game it’s rather difficult. Each time you mess up you’ll be forced to fight an enemy, which can be rather tedious if its hard for you to kill them. The worst part, however, is that the reward is next to worthless.

Continue straight down the path again. After winding and weaving your way through it for a good ten or twenty minutes you’ll arrive at a save sphere and O’aka will be close by. Buy some items if you wish and if you tell him his items are too pricey he will lower them for you, but there’s nothing of any significant value so its probably a good idea not to waste your money. Follow the arrow on the mini-map to the north of the screen.

Auron will destroy the ice wall blocking your way down the next path, and once he does, follow him down the pathway. He will teach you about how spheres are made and you will be forced into a boss fight against Spherimorph.

SperimorphSperimorph: The best way to destroy this boss is to use its elemental weakness against it. It will morph and change elements at any given time during the fight, and when it does you must switch which magic you are using to defeat it, or else you will just heal it. When it changes elements (Elemental Shift) just wait for it to attack to determine what element it has become. Magics are the most effective method, other than that it’s just a regular battle against a boss with higher than normal HP and Defense.

Here’s some help for the elements:

Boss Element

Magic To Use









Once you’ve defeated Spherimorph you’ll receive a ton of EXP, AP and a Jecht Sphere. The Sphere will have a video of the previous party (Braska, Jecht and Auron) back in the day getting ready to leave. The next spheres you receive will all contain footage of the previous party and their adventures across Spira. They will help to explain the relationship and current feelings between Tidus and Jecht.

Go back to the main path where Auron broke the ice. Auron will stop you and talk to you once more before you leave. From the main trail you can follow your party north to the front of the Agency.

ClaskoTalk to Clasko, who stands just outside the Agency with the Chocobo. He will tell you how he’d rather be a Chocobo breeder than a Chocobo Knight. He’ll then ask you what job you see him doing. Answer Chocobo Breeder. I'm not sure what effect if any this has on the game, but it can hurt being nice to people, right?

Go into the Agency if you wish to purchase items and such or rest. Once you've finished, exit the Agency and go west following the red arrow. You’ll meet up with Tromell who will tell you about Seymour’s sudden leaving without notice. Yuna will go with Tromell, but you’ll watch her be ambushed by the Al Bhed in the middle of the lake. You’ll now have to fight this boss.

CrawlerCrawler: is a very tough machina boss, mainly because of his little hovering buddy, the Negator. The Negator, as explained, will disallow the use of any magics or Aeons while active. You must destroy it to allow magics to be cast, and trust me; it will be a long battle without magic. Use Wakka to attack the Negator and have him equip a weapon that has an Electric attack, such as the Scout. Get him working on the Negator while your other party members slowly work away at the Crawler. Have your other two teammates be ready when Wakka takes down the Negator to throw as much magic at the Crawler as possible.

After the battle Rikku and her brother will have a conversation where Rikku will tell her brother that she is now a guardian of Yuna instead of going along with them. Then Wakka will learn of Rikku being an Al Bhed, and the two of them will argue about beliefs about Sin and Yevon and such.

You and your party will then commandeer the few machina riding machines lying about, and ride them to a crevasse in the plains.

Go into the crevasse to find the roadway which leads to the entrance to the Macalania Hall/Temple. You’ll be met by Shelinda in the temple and she will talk to you about Yuna and Maester Seymour’s marriage. She will say something different depending on whether you said Yuna was still going to marry or not previously. Just before you go up towards the Cloister of Trials you’ll be told that there is a message from Lord Jyscal in the room just off to the right of the entrance. When you go into the room and watch the sphere Lord Jyscal will tell you that Seymour had killed him and he will inform you of all of Seymour’s bad deeds as well as how he wishes for someone to stop Seymour. So it now becomes Tidus' and the teams duty to stop Maester Seymour.

You can now make your way into the Macalania Cloister of Trials. Before you do, though, you should grab the chest inside the hall off to the right side of the screen that contains two X-Potions and another chest on the opposite side which contains 5000 Gil. Before anything though you and your party will encounter Yuna and Maester Seymour. Move towards the center of the room and Tidus will confront Seymour in a rather angry fashion. Yuna will then come out from praying, and tell Seymour how her main purpose was to stop him.

You will then be thrust into a battle with Maester Seymour and his guardians.

Maester Seymour and his guardiansSeymour: This battle can be rather difficult, and there is no easy way to do it, so I’ll tell you the main things to watch out for. Attacks are not effective because Seymour’s two guardians will block them and they both have protect cast on them (they cast it automatically at the beginning of the battle). Magics are also not effective as Seymour has a high magic defense and casts shell on himself. Make sure you have Tidus use the Trigger Command to Talk to Seymour; the result will be a high increase in strength. I find that the best way to kill them is to take out the two guards first by blasting away at one, then the other, and using overdrives to deal a finishing blow, and then attacking Seymour. Another tactic is to use Yuna’s newly acquired summon, Shiva. Seymour's aeon, AnimaHer attacks are pretty good, and her overdrive is almost a guaranteed instant kill. After a good deal of testing Aeon overdrives are the best method of completion for this boss. That takes care of the first part of the battle.

For the second part of the fight against Anima (Seymour’s killer Aeon who stared in a video earlier in the game) you'll have to watch out for two specific moves. Pain, which instantly kills one of your characters, and her overdrive, Oblivion. Oblivion is a very powerful move, and you have little chance of surviving. If you get screwed and Anima does use Oblivion, try to get her to use it on an Aeon so you don’t lose the battle. The Aeons are also immune to Pain’s instant kill effect.

Maester SeymourSeymour will attack just the same as before, except he uses two spells at once using a modifier called Multi-cast. He has his 6000 HP back, so just nail away at him until he dies. This battle isn’t hard unless you give him time to deal a lot of blows on you, so end it quickly.

Seymour will now "die", and fall to the ground. Yuna will rush over to his side and attempt to do a sending, but the other Guado will interrupt her.

You’ll receive the Aeon Shiva and now you’ll have to exit the temple. When you try to leave, however, the bridge will disappear. In order to exit you must complete the Macalania Cloister of Trials.

On your way out you will be questioned and imprisoned by the Guado. Tromell will tell you that you cannot leave and will destroy Jyscal’s Sphere. You will be forced to make a quick exit once Auron tells you to run.

Talk to O’aka if you need supplies and save before you continue. Now run your ass off! The Guado’s will be running behind you, and much like in Blitzball they are faster than you. You will have to fight a few of them no matter how fast you run. Continue all the way back to the entrance. Once you get outside the crevasse be sure to grab the chest off to the right. There’s also a Lv. 1 Key Sphere up to the right on your way out.

Welcome to the bottom of the lakeBe sure to save before you leave 'cause your not done fighting yet. On your way out you’ll have to fight two last Guado’s and a Wendigo. The Guado’s are casters and they make good support for the beefy Wendigo, so be sure to take them out before the Wendigo. If you can’t kill them in one hit you can steal potions from them with Rikku.

As his final move the Wendigo will smash the ground, destroying the ice holding you up, and sending you to the bottom of the lake.

Macalania LakeBelow Lake Macalania

Talk to all of the characters in your party at the bottom of the lake. After you talk to Rikku Yuna will wake up. Once the team finishes deciding to go to Bevelle you will be in control of Tidus once more. Walk up to Yuna and she will tell you of the Hymn. There is a chest to the left of Auron with a weapon called the Avenger. Talk to Auron and he will tell you about how Jecht used to sing, and about how bad both Tidus and Jecht sing. On your way back to the team the singing will stop, and Sin will appear. Tidus will have flashbacks of home through Sin, and then Sin will force you to another area of Spira, along with the rest of your team.