Spirit Temple
Ocarina of Time Walkthrough

If you’re beginning this strategy guide here, you should now be a child, and should have warped to the Desert Colossus. Enter the Spirit Temple.

Go back to the hole you spotted as adult Link. You’ll meet up with a Gerudo Thief named Nabooru. When you talk to her, you’ll have three answers. You can check what she says for all of them if you’d like. The story continues when you select “Nothing, really…” She’ll tell you that she’s looking for the Silver Gauntlets, which happen to be exactly what you need to continue.

After she moves work your way through the hole. Kill all the enemies in this next room. Start with the four bats by using your boomerang. Then throw a bomb at the statue in the middle of the room. Both of the two doors in this room will then open up. You’ll also notice a small hole in the wall in this room. Through that hole you’ll find a door that needs a key. Start by taking the door on the left.

The easiest way to kill the Stalfos in this room is to block his attack and then return it with a strike of your own. Takes a little while because your weak once again. Kill the skull by hitting it with your Boomerang and then with your Fairy Slingshot. As you may remember, the way to get a crystal behind something is to use your Boomerang. Target about a meter to the left of the crystal and the Boomerang will hit the crystal, dropping the fence bridge. Now go through the new door.

In this room you’ll find an enemy that is vulnerable to fire, a switch that triggers fire, and your expected to somehow get him into the fire. I don’t know how to do this. I use the much easier method of using Din’s Fire to instantly burn him up. Way too easy! Enter the next room.

In this room all you have to do is collect all the silver rupees, which is very easy to do from this side. Light both the torches using Din’s Fire and you’ll get the chest, which contains the key. Then go back out into the first room, crawl through the hole, and open that door with the key.

Use your Boomerang to first clear the climbable wall of all the spiders. Then climb it. In this room you will find a frowning sun on the floor, and you’ll notice a stony wall on one side of the room, as well as a crystal. If you want Bombchus hit the crystal with your Boomerang to drop a chest with a few of them inside. Then look at the stony wall. Throw a bomb up at the loose rock so that it explodes as close to the loose rock as possible. Then the sun will shine through and the frowning sun will light up. The door is now open.

Welcome to the main room of this temple. From now on it shall be called the main chamber. There is a huge idol at the front of this room, and in front of the idol is a small raised platform with an unlit torch on either side. Light them to reveal the chest that contains the Dungeon Map. Very close to the door that you used to enter this room is a statue that can be pushed, and right off the ledge near there is a switch, so push the statue off the ledge. The door at the top is now unlocked, so go up to it and enter.

You’re now in a room with a couple of flights of stairs and another door. Go through that door.

This room is a little more complicated then the last ones. I recommend that you start by destroying all of the Beamos’ in this room. Next, collect all of the silver rupees scattered throughout the room. You don’t need to move any blocks or light any torches to collect them all. One of the torches lights up. Take a Deku Stick and light the remaining torches. There are three off them. Find them, memorize the path to take and light them all as quickly as possible. The chest that falls has a Key in it. Lastly you have to get the block with the frowning sun on it into the sun. Nothing fancy, just move one of the blocks out of the way and slide the correct block into position under the sun. The other door in this room opens; go through it.

There is a Gold Skulltula above the doorway in this hallway. After you kill it continue to the end of the hallway.

Boss room. These guys are assholes. Walk up to him, the knight sitting in the chair, and whack him with your sword. It’s easy once you get the hang of it. All you have to do is memorize his two axe swing techniques and then strike when possible. The hard part aboutthese enemies is that you don’t get a lot of chances. One swing costs you about five hearts. It’s an instant kill on the earliest link (back in the “Inside the Deku Tree” days). It you need health lure him to one of the pillars in the room and have him destroy it for three hearts. Good luck! Your prize for succeeding is just outside, and it’s the Silver Gauntlets.

Afterwards you’ll watch Nabooru get captured. Your done here for now. Time to come back as an adult. Warp to the Temple of Time, take back the Master Sword and then warp back to the Desert Colossus and re-enter the Spirit Temple.

Link will now always have the Silver Gauntlets equipped. Walk up to the gigantic block that was blocking the way and push it inward.

In this room, you have to hit the switch on the roof to open the doors. It’s probably for the best to take out the Beamos in the way first. Go through the door that opens up, the one on the left.

Kill the wolf in this room, and then notice the triforce on the ground. Play Zelda’s Lullaby on it and then Longshot over to the chest. Doing so will reward you with the Compass. Exit this room and go through the other door.

In this room you must gather all the silver rupees. The one that gets the most people stuck is the one that’s elevated to high up to reach. The reason it stumps most people is because it is possible to get this far without doing the Shadow Temple at all. However, not only is it smart to do and finish the Shadow Temple first, but it’s necessary to obtain the Hover Boots from that dungeon to do this part of the Spirit Temple. Equip your Hover Boots and run out off the ledge and grab the rupee. Then go through the newly opened door.

Kill the enemy in this room before it swallows you, and then open the chest to receive a Key. Take the key back to the room with the Beamos and open the locked door in that room.

Now get to the back of this hallway and find the climbable wall. There are no spiders on it this time so you’re free to climb up. In this room, the one with the mirror snake, there is a Floormaster that’s invisible. Turn on the Lens of Truth to make it visible and then kill it. Now grab hold of one of the bars coming out of the mirror snake and push it to light up the suns. Each time you light up a sun it will make a sound, either negative or positive. If it’s negative don’t open the chest! Instead keep pushing the snake and find the positive sun, then open the chest it drops.

Once you go through the newly opened door you’ll find yourself back in the main chamber. Climb up the stairs and look off the top onto the idols hand. You’ll see a triforce. Equip your Hover Boots and run out onto the hand. Once there play Zelda’s Lullaby. Climb up the other side of the main chamber and Longshot to the chest. Inside you will find a key.

Now go back to the top of the right stair case, in the south-east portion of the map and equip your Hover Boots, from they’re run to the north east corner of this room to where you see the switch. You should just make it. Then use your Megaton Hammer to pound the switch in. The door at the south wall is now open. Go in there to find a block that you can push now that you have the Silver Gauntlets. And then another block to push. In the back will be another switch for you to push.

The design on the floor now turns into a moving platform that can carry you down or up, and it leads to the front entrance, incase you need to get from one room to the other more quickly. Go back out to the main chamber. Head back onto the southeast staircase and climb to the top, and open the door that’s locked.

After you walk through the hallway and up the stairs you will find yourself in a room with another couple of Anubis’. Din’s Fire will make easy work of them. Once all of the enemies in this room are dead the door will open up. Go through it.

In this room you’ll notice a blue switch on the ground. You have to get one of the statues to step on it for you while you open the door. Go stand by the door with the bars blocking it, and then shoot the statue in the back left corner. He’ll come running to you and will step on the switch in his path.

After walking up the stairs you’ll find yourself in another Iron Knuckles room. You know what to do. After you kill him and walk out the back door you’ll find yourself again, outside the temple. The chest that drops gives you the Mirror Shield. Take it and go back down to the room with the statues and the blue switch.

You’ll notice that this room also has a sun in it (that’s frowning) and sun shining through. Press R and point your shield at the sun picture on the wall. The locked door will open.

Take the key and go back out to the room with the Beamos and the Anubis’. Unlock the locked door in there.

In this room start by taking out the two Beamos’s on the perches and then make your way up the wall. There really is no strategy to doing this except to do it as quickly as possible. Learn to get the timing just right. Take out the spider half way up before you start.

The next hallway will have a locked door with a triforce in front of it. Play Zelda’s Lullaby on the triforce and enter the room. Kill all the enemies (including the doors) and behind one of them you will find an eye. Shoot the eye to make the other platform appear, Longshot up onto the platform, press the switch and then jump down to grab the chest. You now have the Boss Key.

Keep climbing the stairs in the hallway to the next room. In this room, start by whacking the crystal with your sword right through the bars, and then go through the door. Kill the gecko dude in the first stone room, and then kill the skeletons in the second, bomb the doorway here to gain access to the third, kill the gecko thingy here, and then arrange the mirrors to reflect the sun out towards the first room. Once the sun has reached the first room use your Mirror Shield to reflect it onto the sun picture on the wall. Now the elevator will move and you can enter the boss room, by first burning away the idols face using your Mirror Shield to reflect the sun. Longshot to the face and then enter the boss room.

Before you fight the boss you must take out one last Iron Knuckle, which is actually Nabooru.

As you may have guessed, you have to burn the ice witch with fire and freeze the fire witch with frost. It’s easiest to do this without using Z or L targeting, because if you hit R without targeting Link will aim the shield according to where move the control stick, allowing you to aim at each witch. As for the witches second form you have to power up your attack. Start by picking an element, either fire or ice and only absorb that attack. Once you absorb fire three times or ice three times your shield will launch an attack, then you can run up the witch and attack her with your sword. Pretty easy compared to Bongo Bongo.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the Spirit Temple.

Now play the Prelude of Light to head to the Temple of Time to continue your quest...