Kokiri Forest
Ocarina of Time Walkthrough

Welcome back to Kokiri Forest, now infested with plenty of enemies. The children of the forest will no longer recognize you, or accept you. But that's okay, you're not interested in them. Time to go back to where you met Saria. Head up into the Lost Woods.

You don't have the music that was once here to guide you anymore, but if you don't remember the way its: Right, Left, Right, Left, Straight, Left, Right. If you need a map it can be found here.

Along the way you'll be stopped once again by the pesky Mido. He'll need proof you know Saria, so just play him Saria's Song.

You should now be in the Sacred Meadow. It's filled with a bunch of pain in the ass enemies. As your walking towards the first hallway you should see Navi lauch up onto one of the walls. She's signalling something.

Peirre the Scarecrow! Play his song and he'll pop up. Then just Hookshot to him and stay on the upper walls to make it easily through the Sacred Meadow. If you don't have the Scarecrow song however your going to have to make your way through the Sacred Meadow by running when the enemies can't see you. Not much strategy to this, as you'll know when you've done something wrong. Right at the base of the stairs at the back is a ladder which leads to a Fairy Fountain to refill your health if your down.

When you get to Saria's Special place you'll once again be greated by Shiek. He will teach you the Minuet of Forest.

To enter the Forest Temple just use your hookshot on the branch hanging over the door, the one that looks like it should have stairs but doesn't.