Gerudo Fortress
Ocarina of Time Walkthrough

The next place your to head to is the Gerudo Fortress. This is located on the far west portion of Hyrule Field. Just jump the bridge using Epona or Longshot across. Sidequests:

Gerudo Valley: Heart Piece
Gerudo Valley: The Second Heart Piece

Proceed up the path and up the stairs and you will be thrown in Jail, as the Gerudo’s don’t appreciate men, let alone trespassers. This is the start of the next dungeon, although it’s not really a dungeon. It can be quite difficult however, if you don’t know what your doing.

Start by using your Longshot to get back up onto the top ledge. Jump down and don’t get noticed as you go through the closest door. If you ever have trouble with the guards remember you can Longshot them to stun them and you can hit them with your bow.

There’s a worker in the cell in this room. Talk to him, and once he’s done jibber-jabbering, you’ll have to fight a Gerudo Thief. Watch out for her little twirly move. She will wind up, that’s when you know she’s gonna do it. If she hits you with it she will pin you down and send you back to the start. Killing her is really easy with the Giant’s Knife. You get the key after defeating her.

After you release the carpenter go out the other doorway in this room. You’ll be in a small little crevasse thing, and there’s another door right close to you. Go through it. Follow the path and take your first right, which will take you to the second floor.

Around the corner will be a Gerudo Guard, so shoot her or Longshot her before you go around the corner. Then go around the corner and through the door. You’ll see another locked up carpenter. Talk to him and fight the Gerudo Thief. Release Jiro the Carpenter and continue out the other end of that room.

Go through the closest door, right beside you, when you get up to the third level now. You’ll now be in a room with two guards below you. Use your Longshot to jump onto the log halfway between you and the doorway on the other side of the room, then Longshot onto the platform on the other side of the room with the door on it. Go up the ramps to the next floor.

Drop down to the doorway on your left. Let the Gerudo in that hallway walk past while you hide behind the box. Then when she does run past her in the opposite direction. Through there you will find another carpenter, and you will fight another Gerudo Thief. Take the key and unlock Sabooro. Now go get busted by the guards and thrown back into your cell. Just do it!

Longshot up to the ledge, and as your looking down, look for a ledge to the far left. There should be one, and you can jump down onto it from here. Go through the doorway on this ledge. Proceed to the room, hit both the guards with an arrow, and turn to your left, Longshot using the logs to get over the brick wall and continue up the long ramp to find fifty rupees. Not necessary, but useful. Now go back down to the first room you entered, go through it, back outside. This time, go outside past the boxes (make sure to do something about the guards) and find another door that you can enter.

In this room you will find Shiro, the last carpenter, and after you free him you will get to talk to one of the high ranking Gerudo’s who will tell you about Nabooru who is the leader of the Gerudo’s, next to Ganondorf and will give you the Gerudo’s Membership Card. Now you don’t have to sneak around anymore!

There’s tons of stuff you can do now, listed on the next page.