Forest Temple
Ocarina of Time Walkthrough

Fight the two Wolfos at the entrance and then enter. There are a few extras you might want to consider grabbing before continuing, however.

This is one of the first dungeons where keys become a valueable commodity. You need them, and you won't be forced to open certain doors. If you run out of keys you missed one along the way. This can become quite a pain in the ass if your sure you’ve scavenged every area, so getting stuck in this dungeon is quite common.

In this first room, to the east, you will find some vines which you can use to climb to the treetop. Look across the way and you’ll see a chest on the other side of the room. Just use your hookshot on the chest to get there easily. 1 Key for you. Now you can proceed to the next room. Proceed through the hallway by killing the Skulltula.

The four ghosts you witness in this next room are your next objectives. You have to seek each one out, and upon killing them their flame will return to this room.

The first passage you should head down is the one at the very far side of the room. You will have to climb stairs to get up to it. Kill the enemy in the hallway and proceed.

In this room you’ll have to fight two Stalfos. They are a little more difficult than previous enemies. The only time you can hit them is when they are attacking or just after they’ve jumped. So have your shield ready and wait for them to jump or attack. Be far enough back that they can’t hit you when they jump. Your reward for killing them is another Key. Now go back out to the main chambers and take a right. Your looking for the door that has a big blue block blocking it. Play the Song of Time to remove it, then proceed.

In this room go to the right and find the vines you can climb, use your Hookshot to take all the Skulltulas off of the wall, then climb. You may not be able to get the last one, so just make sure it doesn’t see you as you climb the wall and you will be fine. In the room at the top, kill the Blue Bubble by shielding and letting it hit you and then stabbing it with your sword. A chest will appear rewarding you with the Dungeon Map. Go through the door on the other side of the room.

After you walk through the door, turn to your left to see a Skulltula. Kill it and Hookshot to that wall. There is a hookshot target above the balcony on that wall that you can also use to get over there. On that balcony you will find a switch, step on it. Then climb, or jump, down to the ground. Drop down, or climb if you’re a wuss, down to the bottom of the well you just watched drain. As you walk across the bottom you will run into a chest and will be rewarded with a Key. Go out either way and back into the main room. There is a door in this room that is locked, find it and go through it. Kill the Skulltula in the hallway and continue.

Take out the Blue Bubble. There’s a ladder on the back wall you can use. Climb up both ladders and you’ll be in a room, as Navi points out, that has arrows on the floor. They signal where you have to push the block to in this room. Go all the way around and find the backside of the block. From here you should be able to see your entrance door. Push the block as far back as needed to make it slide to the left from here. While pushing this block you may have noticed a ladder to your right side, head up there and find a red block. Push the red block as far back as it goes, then drop off down to the bottom floor. Climb the double sets of ladders once again, and you’ll find, at the top, that the green block is in your path again, push it back as far as it goes. Then go back around and push the block towards where the arrows were pointing. Once you push the green block into the divit jump up on it, and up onto the next level of this room. Down the hallway you’ll have to push the red block into a divit. Push it in, climb up and your done.

When you get to the top take a right and climb the ladder. Use your key to go through the door in this room. Nice hallway, eh? The room at the end changes when you straighten out the hallway. Walk all the way through and into the next room.

Watch out for the thing on the roof, like Navi says, the shadow will grow and grow over you, and when it stops the enemy is about to attack, run! Then it will fall and you can attack it. Hop the platforms and go through the locked door. Go down the stairs here and ignore the ghost in the pictures.

At the bottom you’ll find a door that leads to a room where you’ll have to fight three more Stalfos. After you defeat them you’ll receive the Fairy Bow! Now go back out the way you came. When you see a ghost in the picture, pull our your bow and hit him. After that you'll need to fight the ghost at the bottom of the stairs.

All you have to do to defeat him is, like most enemies, hit him with your sword a couple of times. Pull out your shield when he starts to spin, Easy as that, Take out the Bow if you want a really easy battle. The chest you get for beating the ghost contains a key. Now go across the room where you fought the three Stalfos and on the other side you’ll find the same type of set up with ghosts on pictures. Just do the same thing to this ghost as you did with the last. If your having trouble making the ghosts appear on the portraits try leaving the room and re-entering. Your reward for defeating this ghost is the Compass.

Now you must go all the way back up the first stairs you came down and out the door. Back in this room you should have seen an eye above the door. Shoot it to flip the hallway around. Now go through the hallway again and the room at the end will have been altered. Grab the Boss Key and then head through the hole in the floor. Now you need to kill the two Blue Bubbles to get out, Kill them and head out into the room you’ve seen before. Go through the door on the west wall, and in here you will be able to fight a floormaster to obtain a key.

Go all the way back to the room with the eye that flips the hallway. Flip the hallway back and go through the hallway, down the stairs, and up the stairs to the locked door.

This twisted room is much like the last. You can’t do anything in it yet, so go to the right and through the only available door. Watch out for the enemies on the roof! In this next corridor you will find two Green Bubbles. They don’t move, and they switch on and off, so just whack them when they’re off. Then unlock the door at the end of the hallway.

Welcome to a chess board! Well, kinda. The ceiling falls and you have to be on a block that has a hole in it. Find the switch on the right side halfway down the room. Then from the switch make your way to the chest. Then head out the door. This room has a picture of a ghost in it, nail the picture with an arrow. What you want to do with the blocks is assemble the picture of the green ghost. One of the blocks doesn’t belong. Then fight and defeat the ghost. After your done exit the room.

Your now back in the main room, where you’ll get to fight purple. He’s in the middle of the room. This ghost will divide into four and surround you. You have to take out your bow and hit the correct one. The correct one always spins, it’s how you can tell it apart from the others. After its defeated the elevator to the bottom floor will appear. Take it down.

The next rooms a little strange, but as soon as you get the concept its pretty easy. You have to push the two walls that are sticking out, which will rotate the whole system. Just keep rotating and completing rooms until the main door is revealed.

Now your in the boss room…

Phantom Ganondorf:
At first, Phantom Ganondorf will rush at you from the pictures on his horse. Just find out which picture he’s in and shoot him as soon as the warp appears. If there are more than one of them charging at you, he’s the brightest one. The darker ones will just turn around. After that he will come out and throw balls of magic at you. Just hit them with your sword to reflect them back at him, then when he gets hit, hit him with your sword while he is weakened. After that he will start to whack them back at you too, so watch out. Repeat to defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the Forest Temple! After this your on your way up Death Mountain to Goron City.