Side Quests

Kakariko Village: Gold Skulltula's

Throughout the game you will encounter Gold Skulltulas that yield golden tokens after being killed. One of the houses in Kakariko Village is owned by the Cursed Family. The family members award you with a prize after you have reached certain numbers of golden tokens:

- 10 tokens: The Adult's Wallet - Holds 200 rupees.
- 20 tokens: The Stone of Agony - Rumbles when your near a secret.
- 30 tokens: The Giant's Wallet - Holds 500 rupees.
- 40 tokens: Bombchu
- 100 tokens: Huge Rupee (Unlimited rupees)

Lon Lon Ranch: Bottle

Start off by making your way to Lon Lon Ranch, which can be found in the middle of Hyrule Field. Take the first door on your left and you will be in a room full of chickens. Talk to Talon and he will tell you to find his three special cuccos to win a "special prize". The trick to this mini-game is to throw all the normal Cuccos behind the table where Talon is sitting before you start the game. Only the three Super Cuccos will be left in the center of the room for you to grab. Once you have found all three you get a shiny new bottle.

Lon Lon Ranch: Epona's Song

Head to the large horse pen in the center of Lon Lon ranch and talk to Malon. Epona will run away from you. Talk to Malon again and she will teach you Epona's Song, and the horse will now like you. Getting on this little ponies good side is important later on in the game. When she askes you to sing pull out your Ocarina to learn Epona's Song.

Hyrule Castle: Shooting Gallery: Deku Seeds Bullet Bag (holds 50)

The larger Deku Seed bag can be obtained at the shooting gallery in Hryule Castle by successfully hitting all the rupees in the game.

Kakariko Village: Bottle

In this quest you have to gather all the Cuccos in Kakariko Village and return them to the enclosure at the bottom middle of the map. Start by grabbing the one at the front entrance. It's clearly the easiest. There's one right outside the pen, grab it and throw it in. Go all the way up to where the guard is, the one standing in front of the gate. Grab the Cucco there. Now go back over to the big long stairs you used to get up there. There should be a box near by. Break it open by rolling into it to get another Cucco. Don't put this one away though. Take it and head up the stairs on the building that is only half built. Go up the stairs and continue to walk forward. You should see a Cucco on a ledge that you can't get to because of the fence. Use the Cucco you carry to fly over to the ledge. Toss a Cucco off and take the other to the pen.

Now take the other Cucco you left on the ground and go up the stairs to the windmill. Continue past the windmill door (with Cucco in hand) and when you get to the ledge, across from it, you should see a big tall fence and a platform that has a door on it. It's a tight squeeze, but you can use the Cucco to fly onto that platform with the door on it. Then, throw the Cucco you have back over the ledge, towards the well. Go down the stairs and grab the Cucco down there, throw it over the ledge, and then climb the ladder in that little area to find the last Cucco.

Graveyard: Sun's Song

Make your way to the graveyard in Kakariko Village. At the back you should see a tri-force on the ground. Stand on it and play Zelda's Lullaby. The grave will push back to reveal a hole in the ground. Fall into it, and go into the first room. To open the door, you must kill all the bats in the room. A few rooms down are the insturctions to play the Sun's Song.

Death Mountain: Great Fairy of Power: Sword Technique

Like Darunia told you, head to the top of Death Mountain to find the Great Fairy. You'll find a path being blocked by plenty of boulders. Use your shiny new bombs to clear a pathway. Then continue up the trail. At the top of the mountain you should see the owl. To the left of him will be a wall you can bomb, and inside you will find the Great Fairy who will grant you the spin attack. Make sure before you do anything else you get this Heart Peice.

Hyrule Castle: Great Fairy of Magic: Din's Fire

Head back to Hyrule Castle and use the vines to climb up to the ledge and get to the other side of the gate. You should see the stone already. Head down to the "dead end" and use a bomb to blow the rock out of the way of the small passage. In there the Great Fairy will reward you with Din's Fire.

Zora's Domain: Scale

Head up to the Zora King's chambers and then head through the passage way to the left. Through there you will find a Zora who will let you play the diving game. The rewards for successful completion is a scale that will help you dive further.

Lake Hylia: Pierre the Scarecrow

Find Pierre the scarecrow on the shores of lake Hylia, and play your Ocarina infront of him. Make it a pattern you can remember, as you can now use this to call Pierre in certain locations, and then use your hookshot (when you get it) on him to get to where he is.

Zora's Fountain: Great Fairy of Magic: Farore's Wind

Enter the Zora's Fountain. In the bottom right corner (south east) you will see a block of land. On it you will see a grey boulder. Throw a bomb at it. The wall behind it should blow up.

Lon Lon Ranch: Epona the Horse

As you may have guessed from the intro video Link can obtain a horse. Epona is still in the Ranch. Just talk to Ingo, and when inside the pen play Epona's Song and she will come running. Hop on her and talk to Ingo again, while mounted on the horse. Use Z or L targeting. Make sure to jump over both jumps, one after the other, first. Then he will tell you "Your getting good, wanna race?". Beat him twice and the horse is essentially yours.

The best tactic is to pass him on the second turn and then cut him off on the inside through the straight away. Then go full out on the last two turns. Ingo will tell you that you can't leave, so just hop the fence to the outside. Slap Epona a couple of times and she will have no trouble making the jump. Now whenever you've got someplace to go in the outside world just use Epona's Song and Epona will come a runnin'. Makes travel a hell of a lot easier.

Lon Lon Ranch: Cow

You have to have Epona to obtain this heart peice. Take Epona back to the ranch. Talk to Malon who will allow you do a race with jumps. Successfully complete it twice to recieve the cow, which will be back at Links house.

Kakariko Village: Song of Storms

Head up to the windmill and talk to the guy playing the instrument. He will tell you of some kid who played a song seven years ago. Pull out your Ocarina and he will teach you that song. Later on you'll have to use this song...

Kakariko Village: Hookshot

Make your way down to the Graveyard. One of the graves did not have flowers in front of it does. Pull the grave back and fall through the hole that appears. You will need to race Dampe the GraveKeeper through his little maze. Follow him through the little dungeon until he stops moving, and then talk to him. He'll reward you with his "treasure", which is the hookshot. To get out, play the Song of Time infront of the blue block and it will dissapear. Make sure not to forget the Heart Peice.

Lake Hylia: Pierre the Scarecrow

Head down to Lake Hylia. I suggest you take Epona so jumping the fences is easy. If you've chosen not to get the horse just climb the ladder on the side of the fence. Head down to the Scarecrow and play him the song you taught him when you were a kid. He'll tell you that when you play it his friend will help you out, if he's nearby. You can test it out right here. Head over to the fishin' hole and watch Navi fly up to a spot on it. Play the Scarecrow's song and a scarecrow will pop out.

Lake Hylia: Golden Scale

Head to the fishing pool and catch yourself a big fish. The reward is the Golden Scale.

Kakariko Village: Shooting Gallery: Big Quiver

Go to Kakariko Village and find the newly contructed building (as an adult). Play the game and complete it to recieve the big Quiver, which holds 40 arrows.

Death Mountain Crater: Great Fairy of Wisdom: Magic Enhancement

Right after your done the Fire Temple head up the ledge and destroy the two rocks guarding the doorway. Each rock takes two hits with your new Megaton Hammer.

Big Goron's Sword:

Click here for a full walkthrough

Zora's Domain: Zora Tunic

You can obtain a free Zora Tunic by unfreezing the Zora King in the Zora's Domain. This tunic allows you to breathe underwater.

Lake Hylia: Fire Arrows

You can aquire a special type of arrow that automatically has a firey effect. When you finshed the Water Temple you left off talking to Shiek in the middle of Lake Hylia, where the warp pedestal is. Go there and find a little brown platform, which Navi will fly to. She will tell you it reads "When water fills the lake, shoot for the morning light." Now that the lake is full, wait for morning to arrive. Aim out to the lake between the two statues in the distance and shoot at the sun, right between them. Fire Arrows are your reward.

Zora's River: Magic Beans

Purchase the Magic Beans from the guy sitting near the fence on the entrance to the Zora's River. Buy all the beans you can afford. They can be planted in the following locations:

1) The Zora's River, right beside the Magic Bean seller.
2) Kakariko Village, in the graveyard in to the North West corner.
3) Death Mountain Trail, right infront of the entrance to the Dodongo's Cavern.
4) Inside Death Mountain Crater, right infront of the warp pad. Just Warp to get in.

Gerudo's Fortress: Biggest Quiver

Head up to the Target shooting range (where you shoot while on Epona's back) (to the East in near the Gerudo's Fortress) and score over 1500 points. If I can do it so can you.

Gerudo's Fortress: Ice Arrows

Head to the Gerudo Fortress and look for a Gerudo Thief dressed in white guarding a fenced off doorway. Talk to her and she'll let you "take the test". Here's how to do it:

Map of the Gerudo Training Grounds

1) Go into room (1) and kill all the enemies within the given time limit.

2) Go into room (2) and use your Hover Boots to make collecting the silver rupees much easier. Although the one where you have to hit the switch to snuf out the flames looks hard to do, just rush across the platforms as fast as you can. You can take a couple of tries if needed.

3) Run over to the platform with the door that leads to room (3) with your Hover Boots. In this room, play the Song of Time to first remove the blocks, then equip your Zora Tunic and Iron Boots and sink to the bottom of the pool. It's a good idea to take out all the Shell Blades first using your Longshot. Using the Longshot targets on the walls, you can grapple to just about all of the ruppees, except the one touching the roof. Just make sure the rupee is touching the chain before you use your Longshot.

4) Exit this room and use your Longshot to get you to room (4). In here you can start by killing all the enemies to recieve some free arrows. After that, pull out your Megaton Hammer and knock away the statues on the sidewalls. After you find the switch, step on it to remove the fire. There is also an eye in this room. Hit it with an arrow to uopen up the door to room (5).

5) In room five you have to stand on the rotating floor and shoot each eye as you pass. You can't miss any or you'll have to restart. Getting the "Biggest Quiver" makes this a peice of cake. After you've completed it grab the key in the center. Go back out the way you came in and go all the way back to the entrance and into six.

6) In (6) you must kill the two Stalfos in the given time limit. If the sand is becoming an issue for you just use your Hover Boots and you won't sink in, at a cost to your traction of course. One more key.

7) Room (7) is a little hard, and I can't tell you how to do it. All I can say is....well, try your best! Just wander the hallways until you see the rupees, and then remember where they are. One's right at the entrance and you have to use your hookshot to get it. After you've completed it move on into eight.

8) Room (8) isn't hard, now that you've acquired the right items. Kill the wolves first for some arrows, then bomb the fake door. The giant block you can't do yet, but you can do the Lens of Truth part. Pull out the Lens of Truth and look for the opening in the wall. Longshot up, step on the switch and walk through the door in front of you. Your back in room (5).

9) Take the door into room (9) and pick up a free key.

10) Now go back to the start of this dungeon and go through the front door, leading you into room 10. This is where you get to use your keys. Take the door to the left. After you open the very first locked door pull out your Lens of Truth and look skyward. You'll see a hole in the roof. Use the walls to climb up and grab an extra key. You now have enough to make it to the end. Continue opening doors along the left side, until you get to the last room where you will recieve your reward, the Ice Arrows.

Desert Colossus: Great Fairy of Magic: Nayru's Love

Along the north wall at the Desert Colossus you will find two palm trees. Between the two trees you will see a slightly cracked wall. Blow up the wall, and you'll gain entrance to the Great Fairy's cave. She will teach you Nayru's Love.

Ganon's Castle: Great Fairy of Courage: Defensive Power

Once you have acquired the Golden Gauntlets from inside Ganon's Castle you can open this Great Fairy's Fountain. It is located just to the East of Ganon's Castle and requires you to move one of those big grey blocks to gain access. Your reward is extra defensive power.