Infinite Gil Trick

The basics of the infinite gil trick are pretty straightforward. Essentially you will be buying raw materials, [Tent]s and [Cottage]s specifically, and refining them into something else, [Mega-Potion]s specifically, which can be sold back to the stores for more money what the raw materials cost you.

The Basic Steps:

Buy 100 [Tent]s from one of the shops and then use Tonberry’s “Recovery-Med RF” ability to refine them into [Mega-Potion]s.

100 [Tent]s will cost you 100,000 gil. They will refine into 25 [Mega-Potion]s which sell for 125,000 gil netting you 25,000 each time you run through the process.

The Advanced Steps:

Tonberry has many other abilities that can be learned that will speed up and assist with the infinite gil trick.

  • Call Shop
    Allows you to perform this trick anywhere in the world by allowing you to access the shops (specifically, the shops in Esthar) at any time.
  • Familiar
    The Familiar ability gives you access to rare items at specific shops. With Familiar, Johnny’s Shop in Esthar will sell you [Cottage]s which can also be refined into Mega-Potion]s at the same time that you are refining [Tent]s, thus greatly speeding up the process.
  • Haggle
    The Haggle ability allows you to purchase [Tent]s and [Cottage]s at discount price.
  • Sell-High
    The Sell-High ability allows you to sell the [Mega-Potion]s back to the stores for an even higher price.

With all of these abilities you can go from making a profit of 25,000 gil to making a profit of 562,500 gil each time you repeat the process.