Mount Corel
Tracking down the first “Huge Materia”

Note that this is the second visit to Mount Corel. If you are on Disc 1 and have not visited North Corel and Mount Corel before you should check out the strategy guide section for Mount Corel section on Disc 1.

Take your newly formed party lead by Cid to North Corel using the map below for reference:

Mount Corel on the World Map
Cid in North Corel

North Corel

Save your game before you enter North Corel as there is an upcoming portion of the game that is timed which you may need to make more than one attempt at. Travel out the northern exit shown in the screenshot below. Continue down the bridge and follow the train tracks all the way back until you reach the Mount Corel Reactor pictured in the screenshot below on the right.

Cid crossing the rope bridge in Mount Corel
Cid and team at the Mount Corel Reactor

Mount Corel Reactor

Approach the center of the reactor and you will be thrown into battle against two Shinra Soldiers (Attack Squads) which are fairly easy to defeat. A timer will finish as soon as you complete this fight so I recommend that you read ahead so that you are fully aware of what is coming before proceeding. There will be a few lines of dialogue before a train comes rushing through carrying the Huge Materia towards the town of North Corel. Cid will commandeer another train and use it to catch up to the first train.

Cid and team battling two Shinra Guards / Attack Squads

From this point onward you will be subjected to a 10:00 minute timer that does not stop when you go into the menu screen so you have to be as quick as possible.

Cid pulling the levers on the train
Cid on the train with the Huge Materia

In order to have Cid catch up to the other train you have to alternate between pressing the directional pad upwards and the Triangle button. The team will jump onto the train with the Huge Materia once you catch up to it.

There are 5 scripted fights that you must now complete - one on each train car. The fights will start automatically as you walk across each train car.

Gas Ducter
This is a standard fight - regular attacks will suffice

Battle against Gas Ducter on the North Corel train

Gas Ducter (x2)
This is another standard fight - use more powerful attacks, such as Aqualung, Trine or Magic Breath from your Command Materia Enemy Skill Materia.

Battle against two Gas Ducters on the North Corel train

This enemy has 10,000 HP making it a little bit more difficult of a fight but just in terms of the time it takes to bring Wolfmeister down.

Battle against Wolfmeister on the North Corel train

Eagle Gun
Make sure that you take the time to steal a Armor IconWarrior Bangle from Eagle Gun using your Command Materia Steal Materia. Use your most powerful attacks (Command Materia Enemy Skill Materia or Magic Materia Comet Materia) as it has 17,000 HP.

Battle against Eagle Gun and stealing a Warrior Bangle on the North Corel train

Shinra Soldier (Attack Squad)
One last standard fight against a soldier.

Battle against an Attack Squad on the North Corel train

Following these five battles you will have to stop the train. You have to either push them both up at the same time or both down at the same time. Use either: Up + Triangle Icon or Down + X Button. The train will speed up each time but if you manage to do this three times the train will come to a complete stop as it approaches North Corel.

Cid pulling the levers on the train as it nears North Corel
The train cinematic near North Corel

Your reward for successful completion of this event is the Huge Materia and the townspeople will reward you with Magic Materia Ultima Materia which is one of the most powerful spells in the game. Note that you do not have to complete this event successfully in order to complete the game. You will not receive the Huge Materia and would have to purchase the Ultima Materia from one of the townspeople.

Note: If you manage to acquire all four Huge Materia you will be able to obtain Summon Materia Bahamut ZERO Materia later on in the game.

Cid receiving the Huge Materia in North Corel
Cid receiving Ultima Materia in North Corel

The team will get a free rest at the Inn before they leave, but before you leave North Corel, enter the house on the far left side of the screen. Speak to the woman in the black jacket and blue pants to receive Item IconCatastrophe, Barret’s Level 4 Limit Break.

Picking up Catastrophe in North Corel