Battle Square

The Battle Square arena is a mini-game that you can play within Gold Saucer at several points during the game. The prizes change depending on how far along in the game you are and are detailed in the table below:

After you receive the Buggy After you steal the Tiny Bronco After obtaining the Highwind
Item IconPotion (80) Item IconPhoenix Down (100) Item IconRemedy (100)
Item IconPhoenix Down (160) Item IconRemedy (200) Independent Materia Enemy Lure Materia (250)
Item IconShrapnel (320) Item IconMimett Greens (400) Item IconRight Arm (500)
Item IconEther (640) Independent Materia Enemy Lure Materia (800) Independent Materia Pre-Emptive Materia (1,000)
Item IconMimett Greens (1,280) Item IconBird Wing (1,600) Item IconReagan Greens (2,000)
Accessory IconFury Ring (2,560) Item IconS-Mine (3,200) Independent Materia Speed Plus Materia (4,000)
Independent Materia Enemy Lure Materia (5,120) Independent Materia Pre-Emptive Materia (6,400) Item IconStardust (8,000)
Independent Materia Pre-Emptive Materia (10,240) Independent Materia Speed Plus Materia (12,800) Accessory IconChampion Belt (16,000)
Independent Materia Speed Plus Materia (20,480) Accessory IconChampion Belt (25,600) Item IconOmnislash (32,000)
Accessory IconChampion Belt (40,960) Item IconOmnislash (51,600) Command Materia W-Summon Materia (64,000)

Winning the battles becomes much easier later on in the game after you’ve received the Highwind and you will need to obtain Omnislash and W-Summon in order to complete some of the more difficult side quests.

You will need GP in order to register for battle. Wander over to Chocobo Square and either bet on races or race your own Chocobos (check out the Chocobo Racing and Breeding section for more information) in order to stockpile some GP.

Registering for the Battle Square fight
Cloud entering the Battle Arena


Equipment: Equip Cloud’s Ultimate Weapon called Sword IconUltima Weapon (which can be obtained by defeating Ultimate Weapon - click on the link for more information) and your strongest armor. This will be either the Armor IconZiedrich or Armor IconMystile. Finally, equip a Accessory IconRibbon in the accessory slot.

Materia: Make sure that Cloud has 9,999 HP and supplement him with Independent Materia HP Plus Materia if you need to in order to cap his HP. You do not want to have to rely on too much of your Materia (in case it ends up being disabled).

You will want the following Materia:

- Command Materia Double Cut Materia (ideally levelled up enough to have access to 4x Cut)
- Magic Materia Restore Materia (for casting Cure3 and Regen)
- Independent Materia Counter Attack Materia
- Independent Materia Long Range Attack Materia (for hitting flying enemies)
- Magic Materia Ultima Materia in case your weapon or regular attacks are not effective
- Command Materia Enemy Skill Materia (back up attacks and you can use White Wind to cure negative status effects)
- Independent Materia Luck Plus Materia and Independent Materia Magic Plus Materia if you have room

Use Regen early on in the fight and keep it active for the duration of the battle. You can use items during the battle but you lose them permanently so try to avoid it if you can. Press the Square button when the reels are spinning to slow them down and have a better chance at picking a more beneficial handicap. The points you receive are based on the handicaps that you get. The handicaps that produce the highest BP rewards include:

Toad, Minimum, Break Magic, Seal Items and Break All Materia is the highest (10,000 points if you receive it on the last round)

Note: The Item IconTissue items that you receive at the end of the battle have no purpose or use in the game.


Do not leave Battle Square before spending your points or you will lose them.

Battle Square Reels
Boss final battle in Battle Square

Special Battles

Once you have obtained Omnislash and taught it to him you can participate in the “Special Battles” at Battle Square. The prizes that you can spend your points on do not change, however, you automatically receive a Magic Materia Final Attack Materia for successfully surviving all 8 rounds of battles.

Special Battle in Battle Square
Final Attack Materia

Final Attack Materia is critical for some of the more difficult fights in the game (including Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon). You can pair Final Attack Materia with Magic Materia Revive Materia or Summon Materia Phoenix Materia to automatically revive your party members if they are knocked out during a battle.