Conde Petie Mountain Pass

Use the map and screenshot below to help you find your way back to Conde Petie. Note that this is the second visit through Conde Petie after you have been to the Black Mage Village. Check out the earlier Conde Petie walkthrough page if this is your first visit to the town and if you navigated to this page by accident.

Conde Petie on the world map
Out Continent map

Conde Petie Town

Enter Conde Petie and the dialogue will kick back up right at the entrance. Zidane will mention that the Sanctuary that you are trying to reach is on the opposite side of the village - your goal now is to get past the dwarf guarding the door.

Zidane discussing how to get through Conde Petie to reach the Sanctuary on the other side

There are a few different dwarves that you can speak to in order to get things started. You can either talk to the dwarves guarding the pathway near the Weapon Shop on the second level or you can speak to the gatekeeper on the upper floor. Both sets of guards are included in the screenshots below to help you find them.

Speaking to the twins guarding the pathway near the Weapon Shop in Conde Petie
Zidane asking the gatekeeper on the upper floor of Conde Petie if he can pass

No matter who you speak to you will be told that only those who have received the ceremony are able to pass and that you must speak to “His Holiness!”. His Holiness is a dwarf named “David Heavenguard” who can be found pacing the hallway outside of the Inn. There are a number of cutscenes and dialogue that follow after you speak to him that must be completed before you can proceed.

Where to find David Heavenguard, his holiness
Zidane and Dagger getting married in Conde Petie

The ceremony involves Zidane and Princess Garnet being wed in holy matrimony. You will be given the option to determine the next steps which either involve going to see the twins or suggesting that Vivi and Quina get married as well. It does not matter which option you select. Watching Vivi and Quina get married leads to an Active Time Event called “Nuptial Joy”. There is another scene where you get to see Eiko go running past (the girl with the purple hair).

Continue down the pathway exiting the village.

Conde Petie Mountain Path

There is a short cutscene involving Eiko and her Mog as Zidane, Dagger, Vivi and Quina approach her on the pathway. You will get the chance to name her on the naming screen but she will be referred to by her default name of Eiko for the remainder of this walkthrough.

Zidane near the Conde Petie exit on the way to the Sanctuary
Eiko naming screen

Quina will automatically leave the party chasing after the Moogle which will give Eiko an opportunity to act as a fill in. Make sure to equip her with some better weapons and armor as she comes pre-equipped with some very low level items. She is a magic user just like Vivi and Dagger which makes utilizing her in this team setup rather painful.

Travel back towards the left side of the screen and use the vine on the side of the cliff to climb up and grab the treasure chest which contains a Remedy. Take the pathway leading to the right to reach a statue with e Blue Stone set inside of it. Choose to “Take it out” when prompted and then return to the previous screen. Take the vine back down to the lower level and follow the bottom pathway to the right.

Climbing the vines in the Conde Petie Mountain Pass
Taking out the Blue Stone

Climb up the small set of stairs and jump on the vine on the side of the cliff and then take the pathway leading back to the previous screen. Open the treasure chest for a free Tent and then examine the statue to take out the “Red Stone”. Return to the previous screen and climb back down the vine. Run further down the path into the next screen.

Climbing the second set of vines in the next screen
Taking out the Red Stone from the second statue

As you run down the pathway you will see a group of three oglops on the ground. Try to capture one as you approach them by tapping the Action button. If you manage to capture one you can return it to Bryan Rootrunner at the Item Shop for a free Oglop Card. The Card Game in Final Fantasy IX is pretty pointless making this side quest pretty pointless as well, so don’t worry about it if you are not having luck catching the oglops.

The pathway where you can capture the oglops to obtain an Oglop Card for Tetra Master
Meeting up with Suzuna the Moogle and Stiltzkin

Stiltzkin is standing in the next screen - make sure that you purchase his collection of items from him again. This time he is selling a Magic Tag, Tent and Ether for 666 gil. This is part of the Stiltzkin side quest which allows Stiltzkin to continue appearing later on in the game to sell you more beneficial items. Check out the Stiltzkin side quest section for more information about what you can obtain from Stiltzkin throughout the game. Speak to Suzuna the Moogle as well and be sure to select the Mognet option to give her the letter from Mogmatt.

Climbing the ladder away from Stiltzkin and Suzuna
Zidane observing the Iifa Tree for the first time

There is a boss battle coming up shortly so make sure that each of your characters are properly equipped with weapons, armor and abilities. Take this opportunity to heal them up as well - you can use at Tent by speaking to Suzuna.

Travel to the left of Stiltzkin and Suzuna, climb the ladder and follow the vine and root pathway to the right side of the screen. You will get to watch a cool cinematic of the Iifa tree before the next battle.

The Iifa Tree opening cinematic
Observing the Iifa Tree from the Conde Petie Mountain Pass

Boss Battle: Hilgigars

There are two primary aspects of the fight against Hilgigars that you have to prepare - the amount and types of damage that it deals and its ability to cast Curaga on itself.

Start off by having Vivi cast Silence and Slow on Hilgigars as it is vulnerable to both. Make sure that these negative status effects stay active for the duration of the battle. These will help to prevent Hilgigars from healing itself with Curaga and reduce the amount of damage that it does, but it won’t prevent it from casting its most powerful spell: Earthquake (which is not affected by Silence). Use Dagger’s Float spell to prevent Earthquake from hitting your party members. Remember to use the R1 button when casting Float to switch the spell to “Group-Cast” mode and affect all party members with a single casting.

Be aware that the Fairy Flute, while certainly an excellent weapon, is very difficult to steal due to it being in the “Very Rare” slot. I would suggest not wasting too much time if you’re unable to steal it as it could potentially take hours. Have Zidane focus on stealing while Vivi focuses on Black Magic spells to do damage (especially Bio which is incredibly helpful for this fight) and summons from Dagger’s and Eiko’s Eidolons.

Boss battle against Hilgigars

HP: 8,106
Steal: Phoenix Down, Mythril Fork, Fairy Flute (Very Rare)

Eiko will tell the team that the Sanctuary is only called that by the dwarves of Conde Petie and that it is referred to as the Iifa Tree by everyone else. Examine the statue before you leave this area to pick up the “Yellow Stone" item. Travel to the right of the statue to find more vines along the mountain path that break into a fork with one path leading upward and the other leading off to the right. Take the pathway leading to the right (the lower pathway as they both sort of lead off to the right - shown in the screenshot below).

Statue that contains the Yellow Stone
Observing the Iifa Tree from the Conde Petie Mountain Pass

There is a treasure chest in this next area that contains an Ether, but more importantly, there is one last statue that you can examine to pick up the Green Stone. Now travel all the way back to where Suzuna and Stiltzkin were standing - you have to travel back up the roots when you reach the area where you picked up the Yellow Stone. The other pathway leads back to the World Map.

Picking up the Green Stone which is the last stone you need

Take the pathway to the right side of Suzuna once you reach that area and examine the large statue at the end of the path. You will be given the option to put each of the colored stones that you collected into the statue. Add the Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Stones back into the statue to receive a Moonstone item. Travel all the way back to the fork in the road (where the Yellow Stone was found after the battle against Hilgigars was fought) once you are done. Take the pathway to the right and follow the large vine up and out of the area (as shown below).

Placing the Red, Yellow, Blue and Green stones into the statue to obtain the Moonstone
Taking the northern pathway out of the Conde Petie Mountain Pass

World Map - Lucid Plains

Are you stuck near the Iifa Tree?
If you are, it means that you have taken a wrong turn back on the Conde Petie Mountain Pass. You can check your menu screen to be sure. If you are in the “Pualei Plains” area you are in the wrong location. Travel pack to the pathway and back to where you picked up the Yellow Stone after the battle against Hilgigars. Take the pathway that leads to the right and take the large vine up and out of the area (as shown again below) and you should wind up on the World Map in the area also shown in the screenshot below.

Leaving the Conde Petie Mountain Pass
In the Lucid Plains area of the World Map with the Conde Petie Mountain Pass in the background

You can find a friendly creature in this area called the Yeti. Provide it with two Ores if you see it and it will give you 20 AP and a free Elixir. Check near the large forested area - it cannot be found in the actual plains.

The Yeti friendly monster in the Lucid Plains forest area
In the Lucid Plains area of the World Map with the Conde Petie Mountain Pass in the background

There are a number of friendly monsters that you can find throughout the game. Check out the Friendly Monsters side quest section for more information.

The Village of Madain Sari is located directly across from the Conde Petie Mountain Path and looks like a small mound near the beach. Use the screenshot below and the mini-map to help you find it.

Madain Sari on the world map

Welcome to Eiko’s home, Madain Sari, The Village of the Lost Summoners.