Blue Magic

Quina is capable of learning a number of Blue Magic spells that can be used in battle by selecting the “Blu Mag” command in battle. Quina learns the spells by using the “Eat” command to eat specific enemies to learn their skills.

Eat / Cook

The Eat command can be used on any enemy after their HP drops below 25%. This will defeat the enemy instantly and teach Quina any abilities that enemy may have. The Eat command will become the Cook command when Quina is in a Trance. The Cook command works on any enemy after their HP drops below 50% and works exactly the same way as Eat.

Goblin Punch
Damage increases depending on how close in levels the caster and the target are.

Learning the Goblin Punch Blue Magic from a Goblin

LV5 Death
Instantly kills any enemy whose level is a multiple of 5.

Learning LV5 Death from a Whale Zombie

LV4 Holy
Deals Holy-based damaged to all enemies whose level is a multiple of 4.

Learning LV4 Holy from a Feather Circle

LV3 Def-less
Reduces the Defense and Magic Defense of all enemies whose level is a multiple of 3.

Learning LV3 Def-less

Inflicts the Doom status effect on an single target which will count down from 10 and then instantly kill the enemy.

Learning Doom from a Veteran enemy in Ipsen’s Castle

Randomly chooses a target (either friendly or enemy) and instantly kills them.

Learning Roulette from a Zombie

Aqua Breath
Deals Water-based damage to all targets. Deals damage equal to 25% of each enemy’s HP and has a 50% chance of success.

Learning Aqua Breath Blue Magic

Mighty Guard
Casts Protect and Shell on all party members.

Learning Mighty Guard

Matra Magic
Reduces an enemies HP down to 1. Has a 20% chance of success.

Bad Breath
Has a 40% chance of inflicting Confusion, Poison, Darkness, Slow and Mini status effects.

Learning Bad Breath from an Anemone

Limit Glove
Deals 9999 damage to a single target if Quina’s HP is equal to 1.

Learning Limit Glove

1,000 Needles
Deals 1,000 damage to a single target.

Pumpkin Head
Deals damage to a single target equal to Quina’s maximum HP minus Quina’s current HP (the more hurt Quina is the more damage the attack does).

Learning Pumpkin Head from a Hedgehog Pie

Inflicts the sleep status on all enemies and all party members.

Learning Night Blue Magic

Deals Wind-based damage to all targets according to the following formula: 55 * (a number between 1 and Quina’s level and Quina’s magic stat).

Learning Twister from a Red Dragon

Earth Shake
Deals Earth-based damage to all targets.

Learning Earth Shake from a Adamantoise

Angel’s Snack
Automatically uses 4 Remedy items on all four party members (does nothing if there are not 4 Remedy in stock).

Frog Drop
Deals Non-elemental damage to a target equal to Quina’s level multiplied by the number of frogs Quina has caught.

Learning Frog Drop Blue Magic

White Wind
Heals all party member’s HP by 1/3 of Quina’s maximum HP.

Learning White Wind on Cleyra’s Trunk

Makes a party member disappear. Once under the Vanish status effect, a party member’s physical attacks will always hit, physical attacks against them will miss.

Learning Vanish Blue Magic

Inflicts the Freeze status effect and has a 30% success rate.

Mustard Bomb
Inflicts the Heat status effect and has a 30% success rate.

Magic Hammer
Reduces the targets MP by a random amount.

Learning Magic Hammer from a Magic Vice

Automatically revives the target if they are KO’d during the battle.

Learning Auto-Life on Cleyra’s Trunk